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"Psychic" Alfie The Alpaca Predicts England's World Cup Performance


A "psychic" Alfie the Alpaca predicts England's World Cup performance. When did this happen? This happened in November 2022.

"Psychic" Alfie the Alpaca predicts England's World Cup performance by picking different feeding troughs that covered the flags of the nations in England's World Cup group in secrecy.

The workers at Fairytale Farm in Southcombe pondered who would be more qualified than Alfie to predict how things would play out in Group B after hearing that he was "one of the smarter and more receptive alpacas."

Overall, the newsis positive for England, even though Alfie predicts that the Three Lions will really lose their tournament opener versus Iran.

Even though the alpaca is said to be psychic, it is sure that England will beat Wales and the U.S. to get out of the group stage, even if they lose early.

However, it's not all good news for the Welsh national team, as the alpaca believes they will lose in the group stages of their first World Cup in 64 years.

Alfie also believes Wales will defeat Iran and succeed where England failed, but they won't go through Group B because they'll lose to England and the United States.

The USA is expected to defeat both Wales and Iran, which would result in England and the USA moving on from their group while the unfortunate Welsh team would be sent home early.

Right now, it appears like Wales' sole chance of success rests on the fact that alpacas aren't actually clairvoyant and aren't very good at predicting football outcomes.

Even if it's obviously a long shot, we can always hope. Getting animals to predict World Cup results is a long-standing habit, and some of them have even been startlingly accurate.

Other Animals Who Predict Matches

Paul the Octopus was the most accurate predictor. He said Spain would win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and he was right about 12 of the 14 things people asked him about.

Sadly, Paul passed away soon after the World Cup, and whatever people have found to take his place hasn't been nearly as memorable.

A cucumber was charged with forecasting the Euros back in 2016, and a psychic pig must have been having a terrible day in 2018 because it incorrectly predicted that Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria, and Uruguay would advance to the World Cup semifinals.

Another octopus was much better at predicting the results of the last World Cup (they seem to be especially good at it), but it was cooked and eaten after the tournament. We can only hope that Alfie avoids the same fate.


Despite losing to Iran in their opening match, a "psychic" Alfie the Alpaca predicts England's World Cup performance that England would advance to the World Cup knockout stages while Wales wouldn't advance past the group stage. At the petting zoo where he resides, Alfie is one of the "smarter and more sensitive alpacas."

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