The United States and Russia have had a tense relationship for the best part of a century and this looks set to continue amidst ‘killer’ claims.

Relations between Russia and the US have been frosty for some time, but things have now seemingly worsened as leaders of both countries launch personal attacks. President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has taken issue with a statement by President Biden that labelled him as a ‘killer.’ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday that the relationship between the countries is poor and this looks set to continue after the stance that their leaders have taken.

In a scathing statement, Biden criticised what they perceived to be actions of Putin that were intended to undermine the US election and described the President of Russia as a ‘killer’ in the context of the conflict in Crimea. This comment has seemingly continued the legacy of former President Trump which saw relations with Russia fluctuate. In typical fashion, Putin has now responded to claims that he is a killer with ‘takes one to know one.’

Putin took part in an interview on state television where they stated, “I remember in my childhood, when we argued in the courtyard, we used to say: it takes one to know one. That’s not … just a children’s saying or joke. We always see our own traits in other people and think they are like how we really are. And as a result, we assess [a person’s] activities and give assessments.”

The president went on to add that he wished the new US President ‘health’ without a trace of irony. In Russia, Biden agreeing to claims that Putin is a killer has shocked many, particularly as it could damage relations between two dominant forces in world politics. Furthermore, some may see Putin’s reversal of the claim as a justified response to the many military interventions of the US.

With that said, Russia’s intervention in Crimea seven years ago has had a lasting and damaging impact in the region. Despite a cease-fire last year, the fighting has continued as Russia attempts to return Crimea to its nation and Ukraine attempt to maintain their right to the land. The civil war and terrorism that has ensued since this battle has begun have been significant.

The countries also disagree over the Syrian civil war, with Russia supporting the Assad regime. This opposition over military endeavours has undoubtedly fueled a conflicting stance on global relations. However, given that both nations have taken part in military imperialism in nations across the world, some will feel that the title of ‘killer’ would apply to either leader.

Let’s hope the two nations can come to an agreement. 

Image via Alamy.