Pyjama Subscription Service Sends New Pyjamas To Your House Every Month

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Published 25.11.19

A new service will deliver pyjamas to your house every month. That’s right; a pyjama subscription!

There’s nothing better than slipping into a pair of pyjamas after a long day’s work. The only debate that comes with it is whether you have a shower before you put them on or not.

It’s a hard life when things come to that little quandary, but we’re strong and we get through it.


Of course there are those who prefer to put on a pair of trackies and a hoodie when they get back (or you’re my dad who is genuinely nuts and puts on a different pair of jeans???) but maybe that’s because they just don’t have the right pyjamas yet.

Fear not, as new company Bear and Bunny Boutique have launched a new service where you can get pyjamas delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

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You can choose from the one-month, three-month and six-month options, with a new set of PJs being sent to you on the first Tuesday of each month.

sure, the first one just sounds like more of a one-off purchase than a subscription, but it’s probably trendier to make people think they’re going to have some sort of direct debit to pay.


All you need to do is send the company your size and they’ll send you appropriate pyjamas, styles dependant on the season. I’ve not a clue what happens if you go up or down a clothing size, but I’m sure you can let them know, using the wonderful internet.

Along with pyjamas, you can also get the likes of Yankee Candles, chocolate and other beauty products. You can’t go wrong.

How expensive is a pyjama subscription?


Quite inexpensive, actually. The prices are thus:

The “Commitment Issues” pack only includes one set and that’ll set you back £19.99.


Next is the three-month option, called the “Savvy Sleeper” is priced at £54.99 and includes a 10 per cent discount, which is nice.

Then there’s the six-month “Nap Queen” subscription for a big £99.99, which yes, is a lot of money, but that’s six pairs of lovely pyjamas. Do you need that many? Probably not. Do you want that many? Yeah course you do.

Bear and Bunny Boutique are also offering the Christmas Edition, priced at £39. This includes pyjamas, a gift voucher for The Pyjama Subscription, a hot water bottle, a full sized box of chocolates, slippers, facemasks and bath bombs.


Be there, nerds. Get some sweet pyjamjams.

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