Quentin Tarantino Is Seriously Considering Making A Horror Movie Next

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Published 12.08.19

Quentin Tarantino wants to make a horror film and he could do that for his next film.

It’s no secret that Tarantino wants to retire after his tenth directorial job, and with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood being his ninth, we haven’t got long until that happens.

The thing is though, he talks so often – especially as he promotes his new film – about all of the projects he wants to embark upon, that you wonder whether he’s actually going to keep to his initial retirement plan.


This time he’s talking about creating a a horror film and sure, there are elements on horror in most of his features, but this would be an out-and-out scare fest.

tarantino horror movie

During the press tour for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino announced:

If I come up with a terrific horror film story, I will do that as my tenth movie.

I love horror movies. I would love to do a horror film.



If people want to know what a Tarantino horror film might look like, then look no further than one of the scenes – set in the Manson family ranch – from the aforementioned Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Speaking of that particular scene, the 56-year-old director said:

I do actually think that the Spahn Ranch sequence is the closest to a horror sequence.

I do think it’s vaguely terrifying. And I didn’t quite realise how good we did it, frankly, until my editor told me. He goes, ‘The Spahn Ranch sequence is a horror film… It’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a budget.’

once upon a time in hollywood horror


Whatever that means for the supposed Tarantino-directed Star Trek or the Kill Bill threequel or even the Django/Zorro film, god knows.

Speaking of the Kill Bill sequel, he said:

Me and Uma have talked about it recently, frankly, to tell you the truth.

I have thought about it a little further. We were talking about it literally last week. If any of my movies were going to spring from my other movies, it would be a third Kill Bill.”


tarantino star trek

While he said this about the Star Trek film (also calling out Simon Pegg for acting in the know):

I don’t know if I’ll do it or not. I’ve got to figure it out, but [Mark L. Smith] wrote a really cool script. I like it a lot. There’s some things I need to work on but I really, really liked it. I get annoyed at Simon Pegg. He doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and he keeps making all these comments as if he knows about stuff. One of the comments he said, he’s like ‘Well, look, it’s not going to be Pulp Fiction in space.’ Yes, it is! [laughs hard].

If I do it, that’s exactly what it’ll be. It’ll be Pulp Fiction in space. That Pulp Fiction-y aspect, when I read the script, I felt, I have never read a science fiction movie that has this sh*t in it, ever. There’s no science fiction movie that has this in it. And they said, I know, that’s why we want to make it. It’s, at the very least, unique in that regard.

There is a gangster element to what we’re doing with the Star Trek thing that works out pretty good.


I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal but if I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it my way. If you’ve seen my nine movies, you kind of know my way is an R-rated way and a way that is without certain restrictions. So that goes part and parcel.

I think it would be more controversial if I said I’m going to do a PG movie and it’s going to fit exactly in the universe. It’s not me. What the f*ck am I doing? I mean I didn’t even do that when I did that CSI episode.

The thing is, when I talked to JJ about it, it’s not that radical. We’re just not worrying about stuff like that. JJ said, ‘Quentin, I love this idea because I think with Star Trek we can go any way we want to.’ Look, I’ve got a situation. As long as Paramount likes the idea and the script they almost got nothing to lose right now when it comes to Star Trek.

Deadpool showed that you can rethink these things, do them in a different way. So really, even before JJ knew what the idea was, his feeling was, if it wants to be an R rating, fine. If it wants to be the Wild Bunch in space, fine.”

Yeah so no clue. No clue at all.

The man just likes talking.

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