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Quinella Bet - Understanding The Betting In Horse Racing


Of all the exotic bets on horse racing, a quinella bet is the simplest to comprehend. Simply choose two or more choices, and as long as you bring the top two home in whatever order, you win!

Quinella bets are simple to understand: choose two horses to finish first and second. You win as long as those are the top two finishers, in any order! Yes, this is the same wager as an Exacta Box, but because it is placed in a different betting pool, the payoff is different.

What Is The Price Of A Quinella?

The number of winning combinations in the bet will affect how much a quinella costs. However, while increasing the number of options raises the cost (per full unit), it also significantly increases your chances of winning.

A smart gambler will find the right balance between the cost of the bet and the number of winning outcomes or combinations it covers.

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What Varieties Of Quinella Are There?

What varieties of Quinellas are available to gamblers?


Pick the horses that place first and second in any order.

Boxed Quinella

With the horses having the ability to finish in any order, correctly choose the horses that place first and second by making a minimum of three or more selections (subject to field size).

Standout Quinella

Choose the horses that come in first and second place correctly, making any number of picks (relative to the size of the field) but with a minimum of two picks in at least one of these positions.

How Much Can I Win If I Bet On Quinella?

The pari-mutuel system determines winnings, which are limitless, and divides the money won by all winning tickets (less the money the track takes as commission).

Because the odds and payouts for a Quinella bet and an Exacta bet are so similar, it can be difficult for inexperienced race fans to distinguish between the two. To make a better informed decision, refer to this guide for further details.

Are The Quinella And Exacta Bets The Same?

They are similar but not identical. In a Quinella, your choices can come in either sequence, however, in an Exacta, they must conclude in the right order.

People Also Ask

What Is A Quinella Bet In Horse Racing?

A Quinella is an exotic wager in which you must choose the first and second-place finishers, in any position. When placing an Exacta wager, you must choose the first and second runners to cross the finish line in the proper sequence.

How Much Does A $2 Quinella Cost?

The cost of a quinella box bet can be determined easily by multiplying the number of horses in the box by themselves minus one. For instance, figuring the price of a three-horse quinella box (32) results in a total cost of $6 on a typical $2 base bet. A four-horse crate (43) would cost $12 as well.

How Much Does A 4 Horse Quinella Cost?

How many options are used to fill the first two spots determines the quinella's price. The quinella will cost $3 if 3 horses are chosen, $6 if 4 are chosen, $10 if 5 are chosen, and $15 if 6 are chosen.


For a Quinella bet, the minimum bet is typical $1, while some tracks do have a $2 minimum. The minimum wager for online Quinella wagers is the same as for wagers made at the track.

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