Rage 2 Features A Danny Dyer Game Mode And You Have To Hear It To Believe It

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Published 07.05.19

When it comes to literally any type of media, you’re pretty well stocked if you want to watch, read or play anything to do with post-apocalyptic survival.

Three things in life are certain, though, and they’re death, taxes and not having enough time to play all the games that might float your boat. Probably god’s way of punishing us for eating that apple, I think. Thanks, Adam and Eve…

So if you’re picking one game to do with apocalypse-based violence and fun, you may as well make it the best one possible.

You all know Rage. You played Rage and you loved Rage and, well, Rage is back in the infallible shape of Rage 2. It’s like mutants and neon warfare but by the guys who basically invented the first-person shooter teaming up with the people behind some of the most expansive and insane open worlds going… again!


That alone should be enough, but I’ll go on. What’s so good about Rage 2, other than its pedigree?

Well first and foremost, it has what every game ever released up until now has missed, and that’s a special ‘Diamond Geezer’ mode where TV legend Danny Dyer narrates your play and gives you advice on “motors”, “shooters” and “mobs”.

Funnily though, Diamond Geezer mode is only available to people who put a cheat code in (and not one that you have to pay to earn, happily) and from then on, you get to hear the dulcet tones of Danny Dyer. You’d think that this addition would just be for kitsch-value but it really does sound hilarious. Have a look…

Danny Dyer Mode on Rage 2 😂

I wish Danny Dyer could voice everything 😂

Posted by The Hook on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

There’s also Overdrive, which allows you to push your guns to their mechanical limit, meaning you can really tear up anything (or anyone) that’s around you. Bad film, but you know that bit in Waterworld where that guy in the goggles tears up the floating city with his turret? Sort of like that.

The vehicles are another feature that take Rage 2 to the next notch. The general rule is that if you can see it, you can drive it. And of course, most of the vehicles are fully decked out and ready for you to utilise in your quest to fight and survive. Sort of like Kevin Costner’s boat in Waterworld. He really sorts out business with that thing.

Sorry I watched Waterworld yesterday.

First and foremost, though, Rage 2 is a first-person shooter – something that can’t be said for Waterworld – and the gun play actually looks impeccable. As mentioned before, the game was developed by id Software, and they essentially invented first-person shooter games with the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D and they’ve remained consistently on top with gun-play since.

The choice of weapons is brilliant and as exhibited in the official gameplay trailer, the controls and movement look ridiculously intuitive; something we’ve come to expect from id Software but this is on another level.

There’s a gun called a Hyper-Cannon. A Hyper-Cannon… look me in the eye (somehow) and tell me you don’t want to use that.

As for the setting, Rage 2 is set 30 years after Rage, and a fair amount has changed. In this completely open world – courtesy of Avalanche Studios – humanity has found a way to sort of “fix” the world, resulting in thick jungles and woodlands, wetlands and tundra.



Obviously though, most of the people and creatures roaming this world are still pretty animalistic, with a pretty territorial tribe-like, almost wild west-style, society taking over.

It’s just you, Walker, the last Ranger up against it in the Wasteland as the nefarious Authority try to stop you – and all anarchic society – with their totalitarian rule… and guns.

The Mutant Bash is still there, though, and you can face off against a number of progressively tougher mutants on the aptly named Mutant Bash TV to win money and whatever the wasteland’s equivalent of fame is. It’s probably still called fame.

All of this will be available for your eager fingertips come the 14th of May and I can’t wait.

Images via Bethesda