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Rave Gurner Admits That He Had No Clue About His Viral Video Until His Boss Showed It To Him


Rave Gurner admits that he had no clue about his viral video. This is sufficient justification, if you needed any more, to impose a "No camera" policy or to prevent your superiors from viewing your social media tales before New Year's Eve.

Shaun Jackson, often known as "Rave Gurner Guy," gained notoriety on social media after a promo cameraman captured a video of him having a good time while wearing a look that was difficult to ignore.

But, Rave Gurner admits that he had no clue about his viral video. It's hardly surprising that Jackson wasn't aware of the tape right away after it was recorded, given what he was going through that evening and how awful he must have felt the following day.

That is, until a few days later when he arrived at work and his employer revealed it to him. On a Flexxed TVpodcast, Jackson described how, after a wild and now widely publicised weekend, he returned to work on a Monday to meet his boss Danny, who was also thankfully his "buddy."

The Bounce By The Ounce Guy! - Flexxed Podcast #001

Jackson stated:

He [Danny] come to me and he said, 'Oh my god you had a good night Saturday night, didn't you?'- Shaun Jackson

Jackson said Danny turned around and asked him if he'd seen the viral video of himself after asking his employer how he knew he'd had a nice Saturday night.

The popular video, which was initially shared in 2019, features Jackson attending an occasion named "Bounce By The Ounce" that was held at Preston's Rumes bar.

Jackson, who enjoys acting goofy for the camera, made the decision to do so when he saw one at the event. He had no idea what a huge impact his jokes would have.

Two days after the club night, on Monday morning, Jackson said that the video had received over 300,000 views, "or something."

According to Jackson:

By Wednesday night, it had 2.5 million or something and then it just kept carrying on.- Shaun Jackson

Action Figure Toy

An action figure of the "gurning rave guy" had also been created in honor of an internet-famous night out in Preston that occurred eight years ago.

The promotional film "Bounce by the ounce" for Rumes, a new night at the defunct ChurchStreet nightclub, was released in 2014.

Shaun Jackson quickly rose to prominence for his smoldering dance floor energy and became the talk of the town.

Shaun worked with Joe Shark Sandwich Toys to develop a plastic toy that perfectly captured how he was feeling that night, and he had a great time with it.

The action figure was introduced by the toy business on Friday, December 2, at the Raindance and Just-In-Time Winter series rave in Norwich.


Rave Gurner admits that he had no clue about his viral video. According to Jackson, who claims he didn't make any money from it at all, the cameraman apparently sold the four-second clip of Jackson, which was captured in 2014 as part of a promotional video for a nightclub, to a film studio for £10,000.

At least he had a good time that night, right?

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