Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha has made headlines after she faked being kidnapped and asked for fans to spend more money on her OnlyFans account so she could be let go.

In the original video, Kalysha is covered in fake bruises and cuts, while wearing black lingerie. She’s crying and appears very shaken up as she says:

Guys I got beat up. I don’t know how much time I have. I got beat really bad and they’re coming.

They said you guys have to leave me tips and follow me so they can take the money or they’re not gonna let me go“.

Pretty terrible stuff. Obviously it wasn’t real and people were livid.

In light of the backlash, Masika Kalysha has since claimed that the original video was in fact a publicity stunt for her new show and a child sex trafficking charity.

Pretty tone deaf, that, and both videos have now been deleted from her account.

In her second video explaining herself, she said:

I’m on set right now filming for my new show and this is all camera makeup, I’m totally fine, guys“.

She went on to say that the unknown project she is working on is focused on child sex trafficking and in preparation for the show she did research into the crimes.

Adding to that, she promoted the non-profit charity Restore Overcame Sexual Exploitation which provides “essentials needed for women and children of colour,” as well as all victims.

I apologise if I scared you guys but please, please, please follow the R.O.S.E. Organisation for more information. I meant well so I hope no ones too shaken up“.

Rather ironically, the founder of the R.O.S.E. went on to condemn Kalysha’s actions, saying that she appreciates the sentiment but absolutely doesn’t condone the methods used to promote the charity. Furthermore, they won’t be accepting any money raised by the star.

So weird.