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Reckless Delivery Driver Hastily Bumps Parked Motorbikes And SUV

Reckless delivery driver - Surveillance footage shows a driver that is seen squeezing into a tight parking spot in a parking lot in Manila, Philippines. During his attempt to park, he accidentally collides with the other two-wheelers, which causes them to fall to the ground like dominoes.

Due to the limited source information available, the general public is still puzzled as to why a delivery driver collides with a number of parked motorcycles. Is the motorist under the influence of alcohol? If so, is the driver experiencing stress and dissatisfaction at the moment? Is it possible that his motorcycle in the video had an issue with the braking system?

The irresponsible food delivery driver does significant damage to the motorcycles, which also includes the sport utility vehicle (SUV). This type of accident happens in parking spots everywhere in the world.

Motorcycle Accident Case Law Philippines

Reckless Driving Cited In Article V, Section 48

At the moment, the part of the law that deals with road accidents is Article 5, Section 48 of the Republic Act No. 4136, which is also known as "Reckless Driving."

No person shall operate a motor vehicle on any highway recklessly or without reasonable caution considering the width, traffic, grades, crossing, curvatures, visibility and other conditions of the highway and the conditions of the atmosphere and weather, or so as to endanger the property or the safety or rights of any person or so as to cause excessive or unreasonable damage to the highway.

Among these things are street racing, hooning, or just driving too fast or in a dangerous way. People and things can be hurt by anything the driver of a car could do. It's very common for people to drive too fast here in the Philippines because of the Speed Limit Law.

This means going above the speed limit in a certain area. Also, it doesn't matter if the speed limit is written on the side of the road or not. People in the Philippines think that drunk driving and texting while behind the wheel are also dangerous. When you think about the accident that happened based on the CCTV footage, the reckless delivery driver uses his motorbike in a dangerous way.

What Does Negligence Mean In A Car Accident

In the context of driving, negligence indicates that a motorist failed to exercise the care for others that a reasonable person would exercise in the circumstances, or that a driver engaged in behavior that a reasonable person would not engage in the circumstances. Negligence can also result from a failure to act or from failing to take action.

What Happens If You Hit Someone With Your Car Philippines

Make A Call To 911 Or Other Emergency Agencies

It is critical to call the authorities to report an accident in order to ensure the survival of the person you have accidentally hit. The emergency response number for the Philippine National Police (PNP) is 117, and the number for the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is 136.

How Do I File A Case For A Car Accident In The Philippines

Continue to remain in the area until the investigators give you permission to leave. Maintain communication with the investigators. If they request it, you should file an automobile accident report with the local police department. Present your car documentation and fill out a form in which you recount your experience with the occurrence.

What Are The 3 Factors That Cause Accidents

A police officers are checking the damages after a motor accident in the road
A police officers are checking the damages after a motor accident in the road

Over Speeding

Most of the fatal accidents happen because people drive too fast. People who drive faster are more likely to have an accident and get hurt more when they do. A slower car comes to a stop right away, but a faster one takes a long time to stop. In a crash, if a car is going very fast, it will have a bigger impact and this will lead to more injuries.

Drunken Driving

Alcohol makes you less focused. It slows down the response time of the human body. It makes it hard to see because of dizziness. Alcohol makes people less afraid and encourages them to take risks. All of these things happen while you're driving, and many times it can be fatal.

Distraction To Driver

There could be distractions both outside and inside the car. Today, the main thing that bothers people when they're driving is talking on their phones while they're behind the wheel Having two parts of the brain makes it hard for people to think quickly or make good decisions. This is one of the reasons that cars crash.

MMDA States What To Do During Vehicular Accidents

Major Accidents

If you or any of your passengers have been hurt, check yourself and your passengers. If someone is injured, call for medical aid immediately, or ring MMDA 1-3-6 and request that a medical team, as well as a traffic investigator, be dispatched to the location.

Take pictures once you've determined your condition and that of your passengers. This is the most effective argument tool available. If the opposing party denies what happened, photos of the vehicles and the surrounding area can assist you get out of a jam. Make sure to photograph both vehicles (including license plates) as well as the scene of the accident.

If at all feasible, pull over your vehicle on the side of the road. Continued sitting in traffic is dangerous, as a two-car fender incident might rapidly grow into a multi-car pileup. If you are unable to relocate your vehicle, remain in the area where the incident occurred until the investigators arrive.

For any car collision, make sure to exchange the following information with the other driver: name; address; phone; insurance company; policy number; license plate. You should also include the vehicle's brand, model, year, and color.

After exchanging information with the other driver, you should contact your insurance provider to report the collision and provide your side story. Also, know what your policy covers. You may find that the real cost of repair is low enough to avoid going through your insurer and paying a higher premium.

Report the accident to the cops. A police report can help speed up the insurance claim procedure. You can submit a complaint to the police department in your area.

Who Crashes More Females Or Males

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, men are responsible for an average of 6.1 million accidents per year in the United States, while women are responsible for 4.4 million accidents per year. Males account for 62 percent of all driving, although they are only responsible for 58 percent of all accidents.


Thank you for reading this article. As you can see in the reckless delivery driver, a road accident is one of the most frightening things that may happen to a road user, despite the fact that they occur rather frequently. One of the most unpleasant aspects of driving is that people do not learn from their mistakes.

You need the best legal representation available if you or a family member has been injured in a motorbike accident. Find a skilled attorney in your area to ensure you are compensated for your injuries.

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