‘Red Hot’ Gingers Wanted For Sizzling Ibiza 2020 Calendar

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Published 24.04.19

I was genuinely just caught scrolling down an Instagram feed of ripped, ginger hunks and although I tried my best to explain, there was absolutely no way of getting out of it.

Pardon the pun, but I’ve been literally caught red-handed.

In my experience, ginger people have always endured a bit of stick about their copper tops (case and point), including my friend Rob who’s affectionately known as ‘a big ginger f*ck.’


For the record, though, I love them; aside from one of my best friends being one, my favourite human ever is the famously red-headed midfielder Paul Scholes.

Beautiful man.

Thankfully, especially in recent years, people have slowly started cutting gingers a bit of slack, which may or may not have originated from the viral ‘gingers have souls’ video.

But the point remains that gingers have finally embraced their auburn domes and are flying the flag for red-heads across the world.


So if you know of a particular sexy ginger, you might want to inform them that the Red Hot European Boys calendar is in need of models to fill the months of 2020.

Photographer Thomas Knights and art director Elliott James Frieze have already trawled through countless sexy images of red-heads to find their muses, and so far they have six.

By my calculations, that leaves six spaces left to be filled.


Along with the usual calendar features, the product will include ‘non-explicit nudity’, ‘gorgeous bodies’, ‘handsome faces’ and ‘beach bums’. All they require is that you are a natural ginger and you can exhibit your cheeky personality.

Oh, and they wouldn’t mind it if you’re also ‘athletic’.

The project is being funded on Kickstarter, where they are hoping to raise £12,175 to help support the work of the Terrence Higgins Trust who are aiming to end the transmission of HIV in the UK.


If you think you’ve got what it takes, or you know of someone else who might, just send some pictures of yourself wearing Red Hot’s underwear to their Instagram account.

It’s worth a go – you’ll get a free holiday to Ibiza if you’re picked!

I hope my mate Rob doesn’t read this because I’m seriously tempted to nominate him.

I’d love nothing more than to see his pasty, slab of a torso tottering around Ibiza next to a load of shredded Adonises.

Preferably, I’d stick him next to this bloke in the exact same pose.

I’d pay good money to see that calendar.

Images via Red Hot/Instagram