‘Red Hot’ Guys Wanted For Full Frontal Calendar To Prove That Gingers Are ‘Sexy’

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News, World
Published 01.08.19
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I’ve just fallen down a dangerous wormhole of looking at smoking hot, naked ginger men.


We’ve just moved into a new office as well and while I’m sat here working in a communal area, getting lost in bulging arms and shredded torsos, at least 10 people must have walked past my computer wondering what the hell I was doing.

I’ve got some serious explaining to do otherwise I’m going to be known as the guy who has a weird fetish for ginger blokes. I can’t have that on the second day of being here.

I digress: Ginger extraordinaires Red Hot are notoriously obsessed with red-headed males. Even more so than me.

They recently put out an add requiring applicants for their 2020 Ibiza calendar and were no doubt inundated with people jokingly signing up their mates.

But now these same people are looking for 12 male models to go full frontal for a slightly different edition of the calendar, which is all about making ginger pubes ‘sexy’ and bringing a splash of colour to every month of the year.

The shoot takes place in London on August 17th, so if you fancy showing your pubes off to the world you’ve still got time to sort it.

I’m not sure how different they’ll look –  although presumably there will be all kinds of different lengths on show. Be interesting to see the colour gradients as well actually, from a pure biological point of view of course.

While the risque photo shoot aims to ‘showcase the rare beauty of fiery red pubic hair’, it’s all for a good cause as the calendar raises money for Testicular Cancer Awareness through the Movember Foundation.

Speaking about the calendar, Thomas Knights, founder and photographer for Red Hot, said:

‘There are very few taboos left in the world. Somehow ginger pubic hair is still one of them. It’s so rare that a lot of people have never seen it, they might go through their whole life never seeing it.’

The calendar is part of a world famous rebranding campaign and global movement by Knights which over the past seven years has been made up of a series of art books, calendars, and photographic exhibitions, all working to ‘change the landscape for redheads’.

Knight added: “Being born ginger, you are immediately part of the world’s smallest minority. This comes with a unique set of challenges but inevitably you learn to accept your difference and then value it.

What was once the thing you liked the least about yourself growing up, becomes the main part of your identity; it becomes your calling card.

You end up loving being different, standing out and getting noticed. What was your perceived weakness becomes your strength. Once you own your difference, everything changes and you become unstoppable.”

If you want to get involved, and let’s face it, it’s for a good cause, head over to the Red Hot Instagram page and shoot them a message.

Be warned, though, you’ll probably fall into a ginger rabbit hole you can’t get out of.

Look at these beauties:

They’re on FYRE.

Images via Red Hot