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Refresher Ice Lolly Discontinued A Long Time Ago But You Still Miss It

Refresher ice lolly discontinued a long time ago, but every retro kid still loves and definitely misses them.

Growing up was never supposed to be simple, but things got a lot harder when Turkey Twizzlers, Mars Bars, Planets, Refreshers ice lollies, etc. stopped being available in the supermarket freezers.

All of you have experienced the agony of craving a food item that is no longer available.

It was Milky Bar Moments for most of you because that was the most loved one in the past (basically white chocolate Minstrels).

They had the perfect amount of smoothness and crunch from the milk.

Having said that, it's critical that you reflect on your childhood favorites in order to understand how they contributed to the iconic time of your childhood.

Everyone has a nostalgic memory of a childhood treat they relished as a weekend treat or in their lunchboxes.

However, many of these biscuits, ice creams, bars, and chip packs have steadily disappeared from grocery store shelves, despite a generation's unwavering devotion to them.

The famous ice cream refresher ice lolly discontinued for years now, but you still remember that fruity flavor with the icy crush.

They have been discontinued from the sale and might be available at stores like B&M, because of requests for their return.

Three brands offer Refreshers or Refresher ice lolly that is discussed below in detail.

Refreshers Ice Lollies Discontinued

Barratt Refreshers Ice Lollies

Barrat Refreshers Ice Lollies had the exact same flavor as the candies but were in the shape of icy poles.


They were in raspberry, orange, lime, and lemon-flavored ice lollies.

Just feel the flavor and it will give you a nostalgic feeling.

How beautiful were those days?

When you came back from school tired and exhausted, then you were refueled with these ice lollies.

Barratt Refreshers Ice Lollies packet of 4 servings
Barratt Refreshers Ice Lollies packet of 4 servings

Details About The Product

Ingredients: Beetroot Red, Annatto, Curcumin, Beta-Carotene, Dextrose, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Coconut Oil, Acidity Regulators (Malic Acid, Citric Acid), Stabilisers (Pectin, Locust Bean Gum), Flavorings, and Nettle Extract.

Information on allergies: Possibly traces of nuts.

Storage: Maintain at minus 18°C.

This item shouldn't be refrozen because if it is allowed to thaw, it will lose quality.

Production: Produced in the United Kingdom.

Warning: The product's natural colors could stain.

Barratt Refreshers ice lolly has 56 calories per 45-ml serving.

Swizzels Refreshers Ice Lolly 2 In 1

Freezable popsicles in fruit flavors are ideal for summertime fun.

Raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, and apple flavors all were available and how tasty were they...

Do you still remember???

You can even buy it from bmstores.co.uk.

Refresher Lolly Calories

With only 23 kilocalories per serving and natural coloring.

You can also buy it on Amazon.

The product details are given.

  • It is not currently available.
  • Apple, raspberry, lemon, and strawberry flavor refreshers come in 2 in 1 from Swizzels.
  • Each serving has 23 calories.
  • Vegetarian-friendly; gluten-free.
  • Kosher Accredited
  • Freeze at home.
Swizzels Refreshers Ice Lolly blue-colored packet
Swizzels Refreshers Ice Lolly blue-colored packet

Some of the customer reviews are also given below.

According to T.S,

Must be factory rejects. Once frozen most of them split open, made a lovely sticky mess all in my freezer. Disappointing.

According to Stephen,

I like the flavours however a lot of them split whilst freezing leaving the freezer sticky and a pain whilts eating.

It looks like someone has listened to your requests, well here is good news for you all but with bad news too.

Yes, Refreshers ice lollies are back but they might not be what are you looking for.

Details are given below, so keep reading.

Drumstick And Refresher Ice Lollies Are Available At B&M, Morrisons, And Sainsbury's

You might want to check out the Drumstick, Refresher, and Fruity Pops ice lollies available at B&M, Morrisons, and Sainsbury's if you're looking for some nostalgic treats this summer.

Be aware that some customers claim they're gross before you eat, so you do so at your own risk.

Five lollipops are included in each pack, which costs £1 at each of the three retailers.

The 56ml treats have just 34 calories each and come in flavors like blackcurrant, strawberry, cherry, and apple.

According to NHS recommendations, an adult man should consume about 2,500 calories per day, compared to 2,000 for a woman.

Two packets of Swizzels Drumstick, Fruity Pops, and Push-Up
Two packets of Swizzels Drumstick, Fruity Pops, and Push-Up

The Facebook group Money Saver Online found the sweets, but the post about them has caused a lot of trouble among consumers.

"We need a trip ASAP", wrote one user who tagged her friend, and "Are you interested because I'm very interested," another user commented.

The post also attracted comments from users who claim the ice lollies aren't worth your money.

They are horrid save your money. I was so excited but they’re a horrid bittie texture like jelly with salt in.

Others commented, "I bought these last year and was so looking forward to them but they are absolutely rotten.

"These are minging, very gloopy".

"Don't do it. Even the dog did not eat them."

Simply visit your neighborhood B&M, Morrisons, or Sainsbury's store if you don't care what other people think and want to try the treats anyhow.

The treats are also available at Tesco, but they cost £1.50 more.

When The Sun contacted the company that makes the ice lollies, Swizzels, they declined to comment.

The treats debuted in 2018.

Is there a situation that makes you angrier than wanting to eat something but being unable to?


In reality, no...

Everyone has a nostalgic treat they long for, such as the ice cream-tasting Monster Munch or the Galaxy Truffle from the Celebrations selection box.

A list of some of the tragic incidents that have happened to kids' lunchboxes since the 1990s was created.

There are also some other food items that were discontinued a long time ago.

Discontinued Food Items

Desire Bar

The most infamous food crime in British history is the theft of the Dream Bar, so let's start there.

But ten years after they started to disappear, it seems that B&M stores still sell them.

Toffo By Nestlé

When the 2008 discontinued product vanished from candy store shelves, the Toffo fandom erupted.

When the last package of individually wrapped soft toffees was found in a Dundee candy store in 2014, Toffo fans flocked to the internet to try to bargain for the last roll that wasn't broken.

Rowntree's Secret Chocolate

It was nearly impossible to bring these priceless chocolate bars home from the corner store undamaged.

They had a soft center that tasted like marshmallow and looked like a Walnut Whip.

The center was surrounded by a delicate nest of milk chocolate strands.

Nevertheless, they remained a devoted fan favorite until they disappeared in 2003.

Numerous online petitions have been started since the bar's untimely closure, but fans don't give up and keep creating new social media pages to demand its reopening.

Galaxy Truffles

Fans learned that the Galaxy Truffle had been removed from Celebrations boxes in the months before Christmas 2011, and the outrage erupted in online communities all over the world for months.

In fact, debates over the Mars candy that ought to have taken the place of the National Treasure Truffle are still going strong today.

People Also Ask

What Flavour Is The New Twister Ice Lolly?

It combines the flavors of sweet strawberry, cool melon, and delicious blueberry in a brand-new, amazing shape with vibrant, exciting colors like blue, yellow, and pink! Real fruit is used, and it is gluten-free.

What Are Yummies Ice Lollies?

A delicious sweet treat made with lemon juice and only natural flavorings is Wall's Yummies Tropical Ice Lollies. They are gluten-free and free of artificial coloring. Wall's Yummies Tropical adheres to the "Responsibly Made For Kids" promise with only 49 calories per serving.

What Is A Jubilee Ice Lolly?

They are orange-flavored lollipops made with juice, sugar, and sweetener.


Refreshers ice lollies were perfect to enjoy after swimming, after school, during a birthday celebration, or in your lunchbox.

Most people still think the refresher ice lolly discontinued option was not a good decision by the company.

What is your opinion?

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