Dogs > cats and that’s just a scientific fact.

It’s not that I hate cats, it’s just that dogs are infinitely more fun and instantly make the world a better place when you encounter one. I’ve never said that about a cat I’ve met.

Plus, I had a bad overall experience as a one time cat owner.

I won’t go into too much detail but Barney the tabby cat was a menace; a villainous furry man who would often lash out and attack ferociously without fear. He would even take ownership of my own bed, to the point that if I ever went near it he’d go for me.

Imagine that, being a scared little prisoner in your own home. That’s no life for any young boy.

I’m not sure what it is, but for some reason cats just seem to have a chip on their shoulder – almost a kind of small man syndrome – and those violent tendencies have reared their ugly head once again in a hilarious yet vicious video.


Doris Bigornia was giving a live TV interview when her cats, Bella Luna and Nala, started trading blows behind her, much like Godzilla does with King Ghidorah.

In the 12-second clip, which has gone viral on social media, Doris can be seen trying to keep a straight face while her cats go at it in the background, prompting her to tweet the footage saying: ‘my cats have no chill’

Many have shared the video online and expressed their amazement at how the reporter managed to end the interview without getting too distracted by epic brawl unfolded behind her.


Other cat owners also empathised with her situation.

Room Rater gave the cat fight a “10/10” while another Twitter user said she wondered what happened after the broadcast ended.

Katy Penland said on Twitter: “I’d give my right arm to see what happened just after this clip was ended. What’d she do? What’d the CATS do?

“I’m never going to sleep again.”


Here’s a picture of them together during more amicable times.

There’s really nothing quite like chaos unfolding in the background of a live interview, is there?

Really nourishes the soul and tickles the funny bone.

Nothing will ever eclipse this though:

Perfect in every way imaginable.

Images via Twitter