Reactions from the first The Witcher screenings are in and reviewers are saying the series makes Game of Thrones look “awful”

“The fight scenes in The Witcher make Game of Thrones fight scenes look like two drunks fighting outside a bar.”


Relax, this The Witcher article is completely spoiler free, so take a deep breath out before we begin.

Tbh, I couldn’t spoil it even if I tried, as not only is the new Netflix series not even out yet (20th December – get it in the diary, hons), but every journo lucky enough to catch a preview is embargoed to every inch of their life. And let’s just say I would never ever break a Netflix embargo *gulps*.

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Often when reviewers and journalists catch early previews of shows and films they’re told they can’t release their reviews until a certain date, but they’re welcome to tweet their reactions, as long as they’re spoiler-free.


That’s what’s happened over the last week or so with Netflix’s new fantasy miniseries The Witcher, starring Superman (although this new role looks set to officially remove that career smudge from his CV), Henry Cavill. So yeah, the reviews aren’t in, but the first reactions are and they’re teasing me in all kinds of naughty ways. I hate Twitter, but at times like this I reconsider sparking up another nasty affair with the platform.

The Witcher: What are the critics raving about?

Generally, the choreography of the fight scenes and how f*cking hot Henry Cavil looks at this stage of the review game.

Fine, I’ll research hot pics of Henry Cavil for work. They ask too much of me sometimes.

Henry Cavill The Witcher


Writer @geekgirldiva tweeted:

“So… I’ve never really been thirsty for Henry Cavill. I mean, I get he’s handsome but just haven’t. I’ve seen a screener of the first episode of #TheWitcher and, um, I think I’m pregnant.”


The cast is “amazing” and the fight scenes “make Game of Thrones fight scenes look like two drunks fighting outside a bar.”

The cast, in general, plus some spectacular fight choreography seem to be winning the reviewers over in these early days.

Journalist Will Franklin (@SeeWillTweet) wrote of the cast:

“Watching the screeners for @witchernetflix. I’ll admit, as a huge fan of the books, I was a little worried, but @LHissrich has done a masterful job telling this story. It also helps that the cast is amazing! And Henry Cavill, just … wow. #TheWitcher”.


This guy tweeted that fight scenes in Game of Thrones (f*cking Game of Thrones, people) look “awful” in comparison to those we have to look forward to in The Witcher:

“The Fight Scenes in #Witcher WOW Makes #GameofThrones Fights Look Awful – Watching The Witcher Season 1 This Weekend”

Another wrote:

“Some of the action and sword work choreography for The Witcher is some of the best I can recall for a sword and sorcery/fantasy series of this type in years. #TheWitcherNetflix #TheWitcher #Netflix”.

This reviewer confirmed that we can expect the fight scenes in The Witcher to get seriously bloody, comparing them to those in 2010 TV series, Spartacus:

“The #thewitcher action scenes are bloody. Reminds me of how gruesome #Spartacus was.”


No caption needed really:

I personally love this one:

“Oh I will say this. The fight scenes in The Witcher make Game of Thrones fight scenes look like two drunks fighting outside a bar.”


I think this tweets sums these somewhat muzzled reactions up perfectly:

So what do we know about The Witcher?

Darlings, we’re The Hook – we got you.

The Witcher is basically Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones and your next obsession. It’s not even out yet and we know that it’s been renewed for a second season and the showrunner has seven seasons mapped out in her head, according to a recent interview. You can read more about that here.


The new series is based on the best-selling fantasy series of books, The Witcher and is described by Netflix as “an epic tale of fate and family”. Netflix outlines the plot as follows:

“Geralt of Rivia (played by Cavill), a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. But when destiny hurtles him toward a powerful sorceress, and a young princess with a dangerous secret, the three must learn to navigate the increasingly volatile Continent together.”


The Witcher

Peach emoji. That’s all. 

The Witcher lands on Netflix on 20th December 2019.


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