Ricky Gervais has tweeted in disgust as footage has emerged of a man throwing a birthday cake in the face of a docile lion.

Thus far it is unclear who the men in the video are or even where the event took place, but the footage is no less despicable for that.

It shows a group of “men” gathered around the beautiful big cat, posing for a photograph as one of them holds a chocolate birthday cake.

However, taking the lion out of its natural habitat isn’t enough for one of the men – namely the one with the cake – as he takes said dessert and throws it into the face of the animal.


He then runs off in hysterics as his friends clear the immediate area out of fear for the lion attacking, whilst the lion, distressed, struggles to remove the cake from its face.

Biologist Daniel Schneider shared the harrowing video to Twitter, with the caption:

Each and every person in this video needs to have cake thrown in their face, every hour on the hour, for the rest of their lives. Why is it so hard to #BeKindToAnimals?


It has since garnered over 800,000 views and attracted the attention of a few high-profile figures. Primarily, above them, is known animal activist Ricky Gervais.

The actor, comedian and writer responded to the video with the fairly concise:

Dirty, worthless filth.”

He’s not wrong.


The other responses to the tweet echoed this…



The men in the video are yet to be identified but I can’t imagine it’s going to take long.

Images via Twitter