Ricky Gervais Looks Unrecognisable In Gobsmacking Self-Isolation “Transformation” Snap

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford
Published 24.03.20

After Life star Ricky Gervais looks unrecognisable in gobsmacking self-isolation ‘transformation” snap

F*ck, now I’m wondering what I’m going to look like when I come out the other side of this?

I’m anticipating emerging from my front door three stone overweight, sporting shaggy caveman-esque hair, while wearing a fetching adult nappy. Apocalyptic realness.

At least everyone’s summer bod’s will be wrecked. Every cloud, I guess.


With that being said, The Office star Ricky Gervais – who is currently self-isolating for two weeks – has painted a worrying picture of what some of us might look like after just a few days under coronavirus lockdown. If Ricky’s new quarantine look is anything to go by, some of us might transform into what I can only describe as Miley Cyrus’s dad in Jesus fancy dress (if he lived under a bridge), in just a couple of weeks time.




Here’s Miley”s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, for reference.

And Jesus.


The 58-year-old British actor and comedian posted a picture of himself playing a guitar sporting shaggy long brown locks and a bushy beard – with a half-drunk bottle of red in the background. Lad.

The After Life actor captioned the gobsmacking snap: “Self Isolation, week 2.”

Naturally, Ricky’s 14.2 million Twitter followers lost their absolute sh*t over the ‘transformation’ snap.

One Twitter user wrote:

“Starting to look a bit like Jesus there Ricky. Unless of course this is the the second coming & you truly are the Messiah” joked a fifth Ricky Gervais fan.”

Another said:

“Boy your hair grows fast ha ha ha.”


But the joke was on them, as the snap was in fact an official promo shot for his new Netflix film, The Invention of Lying.

What a fibber.

The national treasure was looking far less disheveled in a Twitter video posted earlier this evening. The actor has been broadcasting live on his Twitter page every day in a bid to boost people’s moods amid all this global coronavirus madness.


Thank God, Ricky. I doubt the Oscars or Golden Globes would be up for inviting you back if this tired Jesus look was legit.

Also, I think I could smell that “self-isolation” snap of yours. 

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