Ricky Hatton Shares Self-Isolation Video With Babestation On In The Background

AvatarHannah Humphreys
Published 26.03.20

Former boxing legend Ricky Hatton has been caught (somewhat) red-handed watching an adult TV channel whilst in self-isolation after he shared a video on Twitter in an attempt to spread a bit of positivity.

To be fair it seems to have worked wonders because we’ve all ended up having a bit of a laugh at his chat girl blunder.

Hatton, dressed in a superman tee (obligatory), expressed to fans that although being in isolation is ‘hard work’, we all just have to ‘keep positive’.

Ricky said: “Keep yourself busy, you know, find things to fill your time with. Keep knuckling down to it and things will come out good. All the best everyone”.

The Insta hashtags speak volumes – I’m particularly taken with #getupthereboy.

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#keepositive #keepbusy #keepsmiling #getupthereboy

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Ricky isn’t the only celeb to jump on the self-isolation positive vibes bandwagon – Instagram and Twitter are crammed with similar messages, posts and videos to keep us going.

Of course, remaining positive can be difficult for all of us in such unknown and uncertain times.

Self-isolation has left many of us scratching our heads on what we can do to keep ourselves entertained and stave off the boredom and any associated negativity so maybe Ricky has the answer?

The lingerie-clad chat girl was glaringly obvious in the background, splayed out across the screen and fans were quick to notice.

One commented: “Always rely on Ricky to give us a laugh so simple but funny”.

With another adding: “Midday Babestation hahaha reckless Rick”.

A thirds said: “Guys f***ing hilarious. We know Ricky’s got the supplies in”. 

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Perhaps, he had staged it on purpose encouraging us to fill our time with some kinky chat or maybe he really didn’t notice the supersized image of a babe in the background whilst recording?

Who knows?

Worked a treat though – just goes to show that Babestation really is still a thing.

Thought that died off years ago.