Riverdale season 4 is coming and here’s what you need to know

Riverdale has released the new teaser trailer for season 4 and I am excited. Maybe a bit too excited. Apologies if that spills over onto this article.

Check the trailer out here:

I’m still reeling over season three and the bomb of a season finale they dropped. Now they’re dropping something even bigger – which is going to be so annoying because it’s weekly episodes . I don’t like tension guys, let’s start season dropping instead of episode by episode. Some people like an unhealthy binge.

When will Riverdale season 4 start?

The first episode will air in the US on October 9 of this year and the UK will receive the episode on Netflix every Thursday starting on October 10.



What can we expect from Riverdale season 4?

Well from the looks of things, I think we can expect Jughead to be buried alive and everyone trying to figure out where the hell he is. Leading to think the next big question in Riverdale is “who buried Jughead and why?”. My bet goes two ways. Either someone from the old Serpent gang ‘cause they all just turned out to be royal assholes or someone from ‘The Farm’.

We can also expect ‘The Farm’ to be heavily involved as Betty won’t rest until she knows where her Mother’s gone and just what exactly ‘Edgar Evernever’ (Chad Michael Murray) really intends to do.

Also the Riverdale guys and gals look to be completing their senior year. What’s senior year without a little drama eh?

How many episodes will there be in season 4?

It’s expected that it will run the same as the second and third seasons with the amount of 22 episodes – but it’s going to run through Christmas so also expect a massive break in between. It’s always when the show gets down and dirty too.



The titles of the episodes so far are, according to SpoilerTV:

4×01 – ‘Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam’
4×02 – ‘Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High’
4×03 – ‘Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon’
4×04 – ‘Chapter Sixty-One: Halloween’
4×05 – ‘Chapter Sixty-Two: Witness for the Prosecution’

Who will be in Season 4?

We’ll see the series originals KJ Apa (Archie Andrews), Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper), Camilla Mendes (Veronica Lodge) and Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) returning to the town of Riverdale. Alongside them will be the rest of the original casting.

Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge)

Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom)

Mädchen Amick (Alice Cooper),

Mark Consuelos (Hiram Lodge),



Casey Cott (Kevin Keller)

Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones).


Will Luke Perry be in Riverdale season 4?

There will also be a tribute to Luke Perry – who played Archie’s Father, Fred Andrews – who sadly died in March of this year of a stroke. The death of Fred Andrews will presumably be revealed by Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald) in the first episode of season 4. How, we’re not sure, but the directors have planned something to honour his memory and I’m sure it will be the saddest but also most beautiful of all the episodes.


What else can we expect from Riverdale season 4?

There will be a new face in Riverdale called “Dodger” who will be played by Juan Riedinger, famously known for playing Carlos Lehder in the Netflix series Narcos. Riedinger is set to play a new arch nemesis for Archie Andrews, which means he’s probably going to be the next guy Archie will once again almost die fighting in the boxing ring.


So far this is all that’s known so October 10th can’t come any quicker!

No matter what, I’m team Jones all the way.

Images from Warner Bros.