Mark this one down in your diaries, as Riverdale season 5 is coming to brighten your January!

The fifth and final season of the popular series is coming to Netflix on January 21st. You’re getting more Riverdale than ever before too as – bear with us here – Season 5 will also include the last few episodes from Season 4.

If that seems odd, it’s because COVID forced production to shut down back in March. A team member came into contact with somebody who had tested positive for Covid-19, so filming had to stop.

Apparently the first few episodes will show the group’s graduation and prom as they leave Riverdale High. Then prepare yourself, as they then skip forward by 7 years to see where life has taken them.

Riverdale wouldn’t be Riverdale without any drama, and the new season appears to have it in bucketloads.

Watch the trailer for Season 5 below.

Veronica can be seen in tears, explaining: “Something happened between Betty and Archie”. In the previous season, Betty and Archie kissed so it looks like Veronica is about to find out on prom night.

Elsewhere, someone is making disturbing videos and sending it to them. There’s a lot of masks, knives and guns. So far, so weird.

Betty and Jughead visit Bret in prison, where he warns them: “Something’s coming, and it’s going to hit you like a Mack truck”.

You also see an unknown person dragging a knife along the face of Jellybean (aka Jughead’s little sister).

Creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a post with the caption:  “Nothing stays buried forever… #Riverdale Season Five coming soon,” plus emojis including a key, a graduation hat and an engagement ring. Many fans are hoping the engagement ring will signify a Betty and Jughead wedding in Season 5.

With a new national lockdown this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Also on our radar

If you’re not a Riverdale fan though, how about Bridgerton? The regency drama series from Shondaland arrived on Netflix on Christmas day and it’s already breaking records.

With scandal, drama, romance and more it ticks all the boxes. Essentially gossip girl in corsets, Bridgerton has captured the hearts of many. Netflix announced this week that the series is due to hit 63 million views within the first four weeks.

Members of the cast have been celebrating, with Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan tweeting about how they’ve proved the haters wrong.

The show has a diverse cast, and people were vocal about this when trailers were first launched. Nicola, who plays Penelope Featherington, is happy to have proved them wrong.

Fans can’t get over the fact that the lead character, Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor is actually the daughter of the actress who played Sally Webster on Coronation Street.

Another show fans are obsessed with is The Cabins. It’s a new dating show on ITV and people are glued already. It’s definitely not sunny Love Island as a group of singletons moved into cabins around the UK, complete with hot tubs. The hope is in the intimate surroundings of the cabins, couples will fall in love.

Viewers knew they were in for a treat when in the trailer one of the singletons declared: “I want to be a bag for life. I do not want to be a standard plastic bag.”

Alright then.

As if moving in together on the first date isn’t scary enough, after the first 24 hours, they have to decide whether they want to spend more time together or walk away. Fans approve of the LGBT representation too, with a female pairing included in the first episode.

What are you watching?

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