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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mistaken For Intruder, Prompts Police Response


In an unexpected turn of events, a robot vacuum cleaner mistaken for intruder, prompts police response. The incident, which occurred in April 2019, began when a cleaner, unaware of the presence of the robotic device, initiated it to vacuum the floor while she was away.

Upon her return, the device's movements and noise were mistaken for a burglar, leading to a frantic call to the police.

The police officers responded quickly to the scene, fearing that the call may have been a real break-in. Upon arriving at the property, they found no signs of forced entry or any suspicious activity.

Instead, they discovered the robot vacuum cleaner moving around the house, as programmed. The homeowner was relieved to find out that the situation was a false alarm and quickly apologized for any inconvenience caused.

The incident in which a robot vacuum cleaner mistaken for intruder, prompts police response is not the first of its kind, with several similar cases reported worldwide in which robot vacuum cleaners were mistaken for intruders, leading to false alarms and panic among homeowners.

While these devices have become increasingly popular in recent years, it is essential to take precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring.

One way to prevent confusion and panic is to inform all family members, housemates, or domestic helpers about the use of robot vacuum cleaners in the home. By doing so, anyone who comes across the device will know what it is and how it operates, reducing the likelihood of mistaking it for an intruder.

Additionally, homeowners can also install home security systems that include motion sensors and cameras that can detect any suspicious activity and send alerts to their mobile phones or other devices. With such a system in place, homeowners can quickly verify if an alarm is real or if it was triggered by a harmless device like a robot vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, homeowners can take steps to program their robot vacuum cleaners to work at specific times of the day, when no one is likely to be home. This will reduce the chances of a cleaner mistaking the device for an intruder and triggering a false alarm.

In addition to the humorous aspect of the incident, there are also some serious considerations to be made about the use of technology in home security. While robot vacuum cleaners can certainly help with cleaning and making a home more comfortable, they are not meant to replace traditional security measures like locks, alarms, and surveillance cameras.

Cops respond to 911 'burglary' call only to find trapped ROOMBA!

It is important for homeowners to take a holistic approach to their security and consider all potential vulnerabilities in their home, including technological ones. This means not only investing in the latest gadgets, but also taking steps to secure their Wi-Fi network and regularly updating passwords and software.

Furthermore, in situations like this where police are called to respond to a potential home invasion, it is crucial for homeowners to communicate effectively with law enforcement to avoid any misunderstandings or potentially dangerous situations.

This includes making sure that any pets or other non-threatening objects in the home are identified and accounted for. By taking these precautions, homeowners can help ensure that their use of technology for home security is safe and effective.

How To Prevent Your Robot Vacuum From Being Mistaken For An Intruder?

Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly popular in households as a convenient and time-saving solution for cleaning. However, with the rise in smart home technology, there have been instances where robot vacuums have been mistaken for intruders. This can be a frightening experience for homeowners, and it can also lead to unnecessary police responses. Here are some tips on how to prevent your robot vacuum from being mistaken for an intruder:

Set A Cleaning Schedule

One of the main reasons why robot vacuums are mistaken for intruders is because they operate autonomously, without any input from the homeowner. This can lead to confusion, especially if the homeowner is not aware that the robot vacuum is in operation.

To prevent this, it is important to set a cleaning schedule for your robot vacuum. This way, you will know when it is in operation, and you can avoid any confusion or panic.

Use A Smart Home App

Many robot vacuums come with a smart home app that allows you to control and monitor the vacuum remotely. Using the app, you can set cleaning schedules, monitor the vacuum’s progress, and even control the vacuum’s movement.

This can help you to prevent your robot vacuum from being mistaken for an intruder, as you will always be aware of its location and activity.

Secure Your Home

Another way to prevent your robot vacuum from being mistaken for an intruder is to secure your home. This can be done by installing a security system that includes cameras, motion sensors, and alarms. If an intruder does enter your home, the security system will alert you and the authorities, and you can quickly confirm that the robot vacuum is not an intruder.

Use A Designated Cleaning Area

To prevent your robot vacuum from wandering into areas of your home where it is not supposed to be, you can designate a cleaning area. This can be done by setting up physical barriers, such as baby gates or furniture, or by using virtual walls that come with some robot vacuums.

By confining your robot vacuum to a designated area, you can prevent it from being mistaken for an intruder in other parts of your home.

Add A Recognizable Marker

Finally, you can add a recognizable marker to your robot vacuum to help prevent it from being mistaken for an intruder. This can be something as simple as a bright sticker or flag, or you can even decorate your robot vacuum to make it more recognizable. By adding a recognizable marker, you can help to ensure that anyone who sees your robot vacuum knows that it is not an intruder.

Overall, it is important to use common sense and take precautions to prevent your robot vacuum from being mistaken for an intruder. By following these tips, you can enjoy the convenience of a robot vacuum without the worry of false alarms or unnecessary police response.

People Also Ask

What Happened In The Incident Where A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Was Mistaken For An Intruder?

In the incident, police were called to a home in Oregon after a woman reported that an intruder was in her bathroom. It turned out to be a robot vacuum cleaner that had accidentally turned on and gotten stuck in the bathroom.

How Did The Police Respond To The Incident?

The police arrived at the scene and conducted a search of the home, but found no signs of an intruder. When the homeowner realized that the "intruder" was actually her robot vacuum cleaner, she was embarrassed but also relieved that it wasn't a real threat.

Are There Any Potential Dangers Associated With Using Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

While robot vacuum cleaners are generally safe, there is always the risk of accidents or malfunctions. Homeowners should always read the instructions carefully and follow all safety guidelines to avoid injuries or damage to their homes.

Can Robot Vacuum Cleaners Be Used As Part Of A Home Security System?

While robot vacuum cleaners can help keep a home clean and tidy, they are not meant to replace traditional security measures like alarms and surveillance cameras. However, they can be a useful addition to a larger security system as a way to monitor movement within the home.


A robot vacuum cleaner mistaken for intruder, prompts police response. While robot vacuum cleaners offer convenience and ease in cleaning, they can sometimes be mistaken for intruders, leading to false alarms and panic among homeowners.

It is crucial to take steps to prevent such incidents from occurring, such as informing all members of the household about the device's use, installing a home security system, and programming the device to work when no one is home. By doing so, homeowners can ensure that their home is secure and avoid unnecessary inconvenience and panic caused by false alarms.

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