It’s hard to imagine Ron Weasley being played by anyone other than Rupert Grint, but it nearly happened!

Everyone’s favourite redhead sidekick role nearly went to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, aka the kid from Love Actually.

Even harder to believe is that Thomas is now 30. He auditioned for the role of Ron in the 2001 film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

He’s now talked about the feelings of “regret” and “frustration” that he experienced after missing out on the role, and said that the rejection really shook his confidence.

He auditioned when he was just 10, and told the Radio Times: “It was my first experience of rejection and hit me quite hard. I had feelings of anger and frustration, but I couldn’t really put the blame on anyone for not giving me the role. I do remember thinking, though, that the next time I went for an audition, I’d have to put up a shield to stop myself from getting hurt.”

He continued: “It was the last time I ever felt like that, so whatever I did seemed to work.”

Thomas Sangster & Liam Neeson in Love Actually, 2003

Since then he’s appeared in Game of Thrones, The Maze Runner and Nanny McPhee, plus he’s in a new Netflix series: The Queen’s Gambit out October 23rd.

Could you imagine him as Ron?


Image via Alamy