Perennial hard-man and the bravest investigative journalist the world’s ever seen, Ross Kemp, has shared a pretty alarming video of himself after being stung by a load of wasps.

The TV presenter and former EastEnders star was attacked by a nest of wasps on his nose and lips while opening a hatch to an attic, causing his mouth to swell up.

I look like Mick Jagger don’t I?” he can be seen joking in a video posted to his Twitter.

“Well, that’s what happens when you get stung by about three or four wasps in a nasal and lip area.

“Be careful of those critters, don’t go upsetting them by opening up a loft space without asking their permission first.”


More Homer Simpson than Mick Jagger…

Evidently, the situation didn’t improve as Ross later revealed he was at the doctor’s office to receive treatment.

Now being seen by our fantastic NHS, local doctor’s just giving me a hydrocortisone,’ he explained.

‘Hopefully that’s going to bring it down a bit.’ 


He then attempted to sing The Rolling Stones’ iconic hit (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, but admitted: ‘Ow, it hurts a bit. Nice.’ 

After receiving treatment at hospital, Kemp thanked the doctor and the NHS for treating the stings.

“I still look like a massive Botox victim,” he said in a later video, where his swollen features had calmed somewhat. “But that goes to show what happens when you mess with nature.

“I’m very lucky they only stung me around my nose, in my nose and my top lip – it could have been far worse.

“But thank you very much again, you lovely, lovely NHS.”

Needless to say, jokes were aplenty, all at the expense of poor Ross.



All the frontlines he’s been on, all the drug warlords he’s met – who knew it’d be wasps that’d be his undoing?

All the best in your recovery, Hitch, sorry, Ross!

Images via Twitter