RSPCA Cat Dubbed ‘Loneliest Cat’ Faces Another Christmas Unadopted

Olivia MulliganOlivia Mulligan in News, World
Published 22.11.19

Meet Toby, an 11-year old black and white cat, who has been named the ‘loneliest cat’ after remaining unadopted in the shelter for a second year…

Why this poor little fellow still hasn’t found a home is beyond me, he’s adorable! And this is coming from someone who is at large, more of a dog person.

Yet even this isn’t why lonesome Toby still remains within the care of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).


He was rescued by the Canterbury branch of the charity last year on Christmas Eve, and has remained there ever since.

But Toby wasn’t the only cat to be rescued that night- he was among 46 cats in total rescued from a house, with 15 of them being taken in by the RSPCA.

Life isn’t too bad for the rest of them, as they have since been adopted, but poor Toby has simply been short of luck.


According to the charity, Toby’s shy nature has prevented him from finding his forever home, as he did not respond well to being in the cattery.

According to The Independent, Beth Hixson, from the RSPCA Canterbury branch, said: “Toby’s former housemates were re-homed quite quickly. But poor Toby didn’t cope well with being in the cattery so hid away and wouldn’t come out to see people when they came to choose a cat.

“We found a foster home for Toby where he has proven to be a sociable, friendly and interactive cat. He loves to snuggle up on the bed at night and spend sunny days exploring the garden, he just needs to find a home where he can enjoy doing this for the rest of his days.”


On the brighter side, Toby’s campaign for a forever home has earned him lots of attention recently thanks to his story being shared.

Taking to Facebook, the RSPCA Canterbury and District Animal Centre said: “So this guy is totally unaware of how famous he has become today!! Toby here has sadly made the national news and radio today for being the loneliest cat this year.

“He came into our care Christmas Eve of last year and almost a full year later no one has chosen to permanently adopt him despite being a lovely boy and his foster family doing a brilliant job of helping to bring him out of his shell.


“Rather overwhelmingly the phone has been off the hook with offers of adoption from wonderful people from across the country (we can barely cope so bear with us!) so we really are starting to believe this Christmas will be totally magical for Toby!”

Judging from the comments, he’s went down popular with many viewers of the post.

One facebook user commented “Wow! I can’t believe he is still with you guys! He was in foster while I was volunteering in summer and I assumed such a lovely boy would have been reformed by now 😓 good luck baby xx”.


Another user commented “Such a beautiful boy”… another, “He’s absolutely gorgeous”, showing how popular Toby has become.

Katie Rose, 19, who volunteered at the centre, spoke to The Hook about Toby:

“I didn’t have much contact with Toby, he had gone into foster when I was there. But his fosterer sent pictures and videos showing his progress. Cats who are in foster are discussed daily at a staff volunteer meeting to see what else can be done for them to get them a home as soon as possible.

Toby is a lovely boy, sweet and playful. The only issue was he’s quite shy and often, black or/and black and white cats are overlooked anyway in shelters […]. He started coming out of his shell in his foster home and started to show a softer side to him. That’s the beautiful thing about people who foster animals- they give them a chance to come out of their shell and show you who they actually are!”

Natalie Archer, RSPCA Canterbury and District Branch Chair of Trustees, also spoke to The Hook about Toby’s story:

It’s truly overwhelming and humbling how wonderful people can be. We are still taking all the offers and we will be working through them as fast as we can to find an ideal home for Toby before Christmas. He has actually crashed our website but it is back up and running now!

Black and white cats take over a third longer to rehome than any other colour or breed so we just hope that Toby’s story has inspired people to really consider adopting a black or black and white cat in future.

We have lot’s more waiting for homes so would be delighted if they too found a home before Christmas-time too.”

Now that’s a story that restores your faith in humanity.