Running can be a successful way to stay active and be healthy.

However, staying healthy by going to the gym or running around your block can be boring and repetitive making the whole activity less appealing.

This is the biggest barrier to many people continuing with repetitive exercise regimes and staying healthy. Yet, this problem may have been solved especially if you like to lean into your creative side.


Lenny Maughan, a runner from San Francisco of more than 20 years, has got this new art style down to a…well a fine art. The runner has spent years crafting his circuits to create magnificent works through the running app.

The runners create the pieces by tracing their route onto a map, then running the route to create distinctively recognisable pieces through the roads, paths and estates in their local area.

Lenny, who’s childhood dream was to become an artist, has created 53 works of art so far including cats, the Vulcan hand gesture from Star Trek and more recently, an incredibly detailed image of the artist Frida Kahlo which has gone viral on Reddit.


According to Lenny, ‘the larger you go, the more fine-tuned you can make the shape.’

In fact, creating Frida Kahlo, Lenny had to run 28.9 miles to complete the illustration using the running app Strava.

While creating his routes can be a complicated process, it all begins with pen and paper, which is pretty apt for Lenny, who has always loved drawing.

He said:

‘When I was a kid everyone thought I’d be an artist when I grew up – I was always drawing things.’

He also does work that have connections to the region of San Francisco such as a firefighter’s axe and helmet as tribute to the emergency workers that responded to the horrific wildfires that devasted many parts of California.


However, Lenny is not the only person taking up running app art. When the app was first noted to be able to track images, a likely outcome occurred. Like all new technologies, the first “masterpieces” created were of course of penises and other such lude images. But even classical artists started with this traditional anatomical starter and pleasingly runners have moved past this to create incredibly intricate pieces.

Some runners going on almost 30 mile plus runs to create the most complex of masterpieces.

That really brings a new meaning to going the extra mile.

Images via Lenny Maughan/Strava