Russell Brand has a successful career which ranges from comedy to film, of late he has delved deeper into activism but a recent tweet backfired.

While Russell Brand still acts and lends his talents to the screen, in recent years he has used his platform through podcasts and a YouTube channel to discuss socio-political issues.

However, he was recently accused of mansplaining the hit song “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. The poor choice of words, as well as topics, has continued as a recent comment has sparked further outrage.


While Twitter users often enjoy pictures of dogs, many were confused by the fact that Brand was surprised by “poetic language” from working-class men. As a result, a flood of responses pointed out the error of the sentiment.

Brand has yet to respond to the comments, but it is clear that the assertion that working-class men cannot describe the colour of a dog poetically was offensive to many.

The activist has framed himself as a man of the people in the past, with his political commentary, but there is an increasing disconnect over the last couple of months and this is evidenced here.

Let’s hope he’s not too shocked by the working class again!

Images via Alamy