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Russian Popeye Admits Oil Injections Caused Unfixable Damage To Biceps And Now Regrets It


Russian Popeye admits oil injections caused unfixable damage to biceps and now regrets it. Kirill Tereshin, famously known as the "Russian Popeye," has publicly expressed his regret.

Kirill Tereshin gained notoriety on social media for his unusually large biceps, which were a result of injecting oil into his arms. The oil injections did not result in what he wanted, so he started using Petroleum jelly. After using Petroleum jelly, his arms grew bigger. He quickly earned the nickname "Russian Popeye" due to his cartoon-like resemblance.

However, as time passed, Tereshin began experiencing severe complications from the injections. Russian Popeye admits oil injections caused unfixable damage to biceps and now regrets it.

The excessive amounts of jelly injected into his biceps led to a range of health issues, including inflammation, infection, and necrosis (death of tissue). Petroleum used in these injections was never meant for human use and is known to be extremely dangerous.

In recent interviews and social media posts, Kirill Tereshin has openly admitted his regrets about his decision to inject his arms with the oil. He has acknowledged the irreversible damage caused by the injections and stated that the situation cannot be fixed. His once-pumped muscles now appear deformed, and the adverse effects of the injections have left his arms in a weakened and compromised state.

Tereshin's admissions serve as a cautionary tale against the dangers of using unregulated and potentially harmful substances for body modification purposes. The story of the "Russian Popeye" highlights the importance of making informed decisions about one's health and seeking professional guidance when considering any form of cosmetic alteration.

The initial photographs and videos of Tereshin's inflated arms went viral on social media, garnering both fascination and concern. While some people found entertainmentvalue in his exaggerated appearance, others raised alarms about the potential dangers of injecting foreign substances into the body.

As time went on, the detrimental effects of Tereshin's actions became apparent. The excessive oil injections began to cause serious complications, including severe inflammation, infections, and necrosis. The injections had damaged his muscle tissue, leading to visible deformities and a loss of function in his arms.

Story about my life / Kirill Tereshin (Bazookahands).

In addition to the physical toll, Tereshin's health and well-being were also at risk. Medical professionals expressed their concerns about the potential long-term consequences, including the possibility of permanent damage and the need for surgical intervention to address the complications.


Russian Popeye admits oil injections caused unfixable damage to biceps and now regrets it. Tereshin's recent admissions of regret and acceptance of the unfixable damage are significant, as they indicate a shift in his perspective. It takes courage to acknowledge mistakespublicly and serves as a cautionary tale for others who may be tempted to take extreme measures for cosmetic purposes without considering the potential risks and consequences.

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