Russian TV anchor puzzles fans after posting odd Instagram snap wearing nothing but toilet roll

Umm, not cool. I actually need some of that, hun.


Let’s face it, bog roll is not something we’re ready to joke about quite yet. After western civilisation went into meltdown and decided to “panic buy” apocalypse essentials, toilet rolls are still scarce on the nation’s shelves.

That seems to have calmed down a tad now. But, it’s still a sore topic and genuinely something people are still worried about as the world continues to wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

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Нашла в магазине немножко туалетной бумаги. К самоизоляции готова. Фух… #ЯнаКошкина

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So it’s probably not the time to be flaunting around wearing a boob tube and a mini-skirt made of bog roll for Instagram likes.

I guess it’s not as tacky as the fitness model who wore a bikini out of medical face masks and respirators, but it still seems a bit ill-timed, if you ask me.


Russia’s Yana Koshkina – an anchor for Russia’s Channel One – shared the peculiar snap with her 750,000 followers on Instagram earlier this week, using the opportunity to make fun of those stockpiling the world’s toilet paper supplies.

She said:

“I just found some toilet paper in a supermarket. Ready for self-isolation. Thank God.”

It’s safe to say the post’s comments have been somewhat mixed.


Saying that, she’s managed to wipe up almost 64,000 likes with the snap and I am a homosexual, so maybe I’m missing the appeal here.

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Вечереет…😅🔥 а у вас?)

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One Instagram user said:

“Be careful those who need it don’t suddenly rip it off…”

Another added:

“Why aren’t you wearing a mask?

“How can you touch handles without wearing protective gloves?”


Nah, I’m sticking with tacky. 

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