Ruth Jones Hints At More ‘Gavin & Stacey’ Episodes After Jaw-Dropping Cliffhanger

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Published 26.12.19

Gavin & Stacey creator and star Ruth Jones hints at more episodes after THAT cliffhanger

WARNING: Gavin & Stacey Christmas special spoilers ahead.

If I have to wait until 2029 to find out whether Smithy said yes to Nessa, I swear…


Unless you were unconscious with a food baby or nursing your third hangover of the day, you probably caught last night’s Gavin & Stacey Christmas special on BBC One. The episode saw two of our favourite TV fams reunite for the first time in nine years for one hour of pure Gavin & Stacey nostalgia. The episode pulled in some of the best Christmas Day ratings for over a decade with 11.5 million people (peak of 12.3m) tuning in for the special.

And as my Dad reminded me this morning (I think he likes contributing to these articles of mine), ‘Gavin & Stacey’ was out-trending ‘Christmas’ last night on Twitter. I mean, that’s not bad going.

Christmas special Gavin Stacey

In short, the special was crackin’. Christmas crackin’, I suppose I should say. Easily one of the best Christmas specials I’ve seen since the glory days of The Royle Family. Don’t make me feel old – there’s enough old family members lurking around at this time of year; ask one of them.


I’m going to share a few of my thoughts in a bit, but for now let’s address the elephant in the room: WTF WAS THAT ENDING? Nessa tearily telling Smithy that she loves him and then getting down on one knee to propose?! I actually can’t. In true Gavin & Stacey fashion, the BBC cut to credits before the nation got an answer.

Smithy Nessa

But fret not, Christmas is not cancelled (at least, potentially not); in fact, this could mean a new beginning for the hit BBC comedy series. According to series creator Ruth Jones (who writes the show alongside James Corden and plays Nessa), there could be more Gavin & Stacey episodes on the horizon. In a recent interview with The Sun, Jones said she wouldn’t rule out more episodes in the future.


She told The Sun:

“I do say never say never, as while we did make it work that was after three years of trying to find time when we could sit down and write it.

“Obviously with the way it ends, there is room for more.”

Ruth Jones

If I’m being honest, I think we’re another few years off that happening; what with James Corden’s new-found international success. I hate saying that – in fact, I just swallowed some throw-up – but even I can’t deny the guy has done f*cking well across the pond.

Jones adds:

“It’s a shame we didn’t have more time when we were writing so we could have written more, then have it all ready to go.”


At a recent press screening of the Christmas special, Jones cemented this harsh reality:

“Honestly, hand on heart – at the moment, there is no plan [for future episodes].

“There have been no Post-it notes, there has been no sitting in a room mapping out another episode.”

Gavin and Stacey Christmas special 2019

If you missed last night’s tidy Christmas special, here’s the official synopsis from the BBC:

“It’s been ten years since we last went to Billericay to spend Christmas with the Shipmans and the Wests.

“This year we’re off to Wales for the festivities, where Bryn is cooking dinner for 13 people. Understandably he’s tense. Pam would secretly prefer to spend Christmas in Essex as she finds Gwen’s house a bit lacking, but the deal has always been that they alternate every year, and this time it’s the turn of the Wests to host Christmas with everyone under one small roof.


“For Gavin and Stacey, parenthood continues to present them with several challenges, their ‘baby’ now being ten. Smithy, too, continues to commit to his fatherly role, making the journey to Barry at weekends and every second Wednesday to see 12 year-old Neil the Baby.

“Nessa on the other hand adopts her own brand of Nessa-style mothering, whilst Pam, Mick and Gwen have become the epitome of doting grandparents. On Christmas Eve, Dawn makes a shocking discovery about Pete that jeopardizes their marriage (again) and a visit to the pub that night is an eye opener in more ways than one.”

15 thoughts I had during last night’s Gavin and Stacey Christmas special

Bear in mind, I was drinking Jameson neat out of a Disney Princess mug while this was on. I can’t stress enough: SPOILERS AHEAD.


Stacey and Nessa

  1. F*cking hell, Gavin and Stacey have three kids.
  2. Pam is my neurotic hero and packs like my mum.
  3. Baby Neil is 10. TEN.
  4. But they still call him Baby Neil, which I adore.
  6. Dawn and Pete are still relationship goals.
  7. Remember to tell The Hook readers that the cast were apparently drinking real alcohol while filming in the pub. Legends.
  8. I actually do love Membury services.
  9. RIP, Doris.
  10. Bryn is me cooking a ready meal for one.
  11. Really f*cking disappointed that the BBC kept in the gay slur in Nessa and Bryn’s Fairytale of New York duet. That was a choice. Imagine being a closeted young person watching that at home with their family. It WAS an offensive choice and an unnecessary choice. That’s all I’ll say on that.
  12. Smithy’s new girlfriend Sonia is the absolute worst.
  13. I’m giving out taps for Christmas next year. Thank you, Ness.
  14. I’m turning Gwen spraying Febreze after a dump into a GIF, immediately.
  15. Best cliffhanger in television history. Fight. Me.


Corden tweeted a photo of him and his Gavin & Stacey co-creator last night, saying that they watched the episode go out together. Lush snap, but Ruth, I hope you chained him down with tinsel, glued a laptop to his Christmas PJ bottoms and forced him to write Season 4 while you had him in the same room last night.

Here’s hoping she seized the moment. 


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