Ryanair Has Released Flights From £10 For The Perfect Winter City Break

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in News, UK
Published 29.10.19

Ryanair was never going to be the height of luxury.

From their disastrous idea for ‘standing seats’ to banning duty free booze on flights to Ibiza, it’d take a lot to win us over.

But their most recent announcement has come pretty close.


Launching a flash sale on loads of flights across Europe, the budget airline has released plenty of deals that mean savvy fliers can nab a seat (sitting, this time) for under the price of two meal deals.

For just £5.99, intrepid travellers can head to a number of French hotspots, including Biarritz, Numes, Toulouse and Perpigan from London.

But if you’re thinking of splashing out, just £9.99 (or the price of the unlimited buffet at pizza hut), can buy you a flight to some of the most popular cities on the continent.

From Bristol, you can take a flight to the fashion capital Milan. But if you’re looking to travel from Manchester, a trip to Porto in Portugal might be up your street.


From London, you can head directly to Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and traverse its famous Christmas markets, or even explore the Santa Lucia parade in Kayaks.

Travellers from Leeds might be tempted by a flight to the German capital Berlin. If Pisa’s more your wheelhouse, jumping on a flight from Leeds can take you straight there for just under a tenner.

It’s not just cities, though. Oh no. If you’re more inclined to a lad’s holiday, just £12.99 can get you right on your way to good ol’ Ibiza. Our more thrifty readers may have noticed that you can get to the White Isle itself for less than 3 London Pints.


There’s plenty more for the more sunshine-inclined. For just £12.99, Londoners can choose from destinations such as Santiago, Seville and Madrid. For just one pound more, you may want to splash out and head to Verona in Italy and go full-on cultured weekend city break.

Alongside these insane offers, Ryanair is offering a second round of discounts for trips late this year, and early next year.

Slashing up to 20% off flights set for take-off between December and March, there are over 200,000 seats are up for grabs, although you’ll have to be quick. The tickets are on offer for just a limited time only, and on a limited basis, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Although, in my opinion, this might all just be a stunt to win supporters back from British Airways, after their trolling of the company went hilariously wrong.

Earlier this year when a plane was sent to Edinburgh, Scotland instead of Dusseldorf, Germany, Ryanair was quick to show that even other airlines can screw over their customers too!

The tweet included a snippet of the news story, followed by the book Geography for Dummies.

After trying to pass the ‘worst-customer-service’ baton onto BA, the company were hit back with a myriad of scathing replies from customers.


Ryanair probably would’ve charged extra,” one user quipped.

‘Funny. When I flew Ryanair, even though the plane went to the right airport, it was still nowhere near the place I actually wanted to go.’ 

‘Your lot would cancel the plane in Edinburgh because it would cost you too much money to get to the proper destination, then tell everyone to make their own onwards arrangements.’ 


Well, all I know is that if I can get to Oslo for £9.99, I’m team Ryanair all the way!