S-Club 7 “In Talks” To Reunite For 20th Anniversary

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Published 28.10.19

Are S-Club 7 getting back together again for their 20th anniversary?

Bring It All Back… again

Firstly, I want you to know that I’m taking this article extremely seriously. I’ve whacked out the S Club 7 albums on my iPhone, hit shuffle and rolled up my t-shirt to get in that S-Club 7 crop top zone.

Okay I haven’t done that last one, but if 20 people weren’t in this office right now, know that I totally would.

S Club 7 in 1999

So this story screams “I don’t want to do this, but I really need the money” (remember when Paul was selling S-Club 7 merch on eBay?) from the sevensome, but I officially do not care. I lived for S-Club 7 when all the other boys were playing football and beating each other up for Pokemon cards on the playground.

Then a few years ago, I got to see them live at the O2 for the first time and truly lost it. It was a look.

S-Club 7 “in talks” to reunite

Okay, so here’s what we know. According to The Mirror, Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt, Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee and Paul Cattermole are all in talks to reunite (again) for the band’s 20th anniversary. The band formed in 1999, so that’s this year.

According to the publication, all seven original members of the band are thinking about celebrating their milestone anniversary with another arena tour.

A source close to the band has reportedly said: “There is talks in between band members now about doing a reunion arena tour next year.

“A lot of the bandmates are up for it. It’s still early days but they are talking and fans may be in for a treat in 2020. It all makes perfect sense for a reunion celebrating 20 years of S Club 7.”

20 years of S-Club 7

The band were formed in 1998 by legendary producer Simon Fuller (best known for managing the Spice Girls back in the day). They first shot to fame with their popular children’s TV show Miami 7 and went on to dominate the charts over the years with hits like Bring It All Back, Don’t Stop Movin and Never Had a Dream Come True.

They even had their own movie in 2003. A movie…

Even I couldn’t forgive that one.

The band actually split that same year, so I’m personally blaming that refuse bag of a movie for ending my childhood.

After years of numerous variations of the band and an embarrassing amount of a university touring, in 2014, all seven members announced that they were reuniting for a 2015 arena tour.

S Club 7 2015 reunion

Rachel Stevens hints at reunion

It’s been a quiet four years or so for S-Club 7, but Rachel Stevens herself has actually hinted that another reunion could be on the horizon during a recent interview on This Morning. She said:

“You never know. There’s seven of us all in different stages of our lives but it does bubble up every now and then.

“I can’t believe it’s been 20 years, it’s crazy. We were all over the place. TV shows, albums, touring,”

Rachel Stevens

Only time will tell, I guess, but in the wake of the success of the Spice Girls’ arena tour, I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to.

If they can serve up half of what they served at the O2 in 2015 and none of what they served up in that Children In Need performance (below), then I’m here for it. Take my money, S Club 7 – it’s yours.

I’ll be honest, though; I’m slightly worried about Paul getting down on the floor that quickly now. It’s been 20 years. 

Images via Getty and S Club 7 via Facebook