The release of the Christmas adverts is a highlight of the festive season for many people, a time for clutching the tissues as they inevitably tug at the heartstrings.

Instead of wiping away tears of emotion in this strange year, some viewers went to their keyboards and wrote angry tweets about this year’s selection of adverts.

Their complaint? The adverts feature black families.

This is the Sainsbury’s advert, featuring a father and daughter exchanging phone calls, discussing their favourite memories of Christmas lunch and whether his gravy is the best.

It’s the first of three adverts to be released by the supermarket.

Viewers were not happy that the family featured in the advert are black, and Sainsbury’s has been responding to the tweets accordingly:

Some viewers were pleased though, tweeting support that they feel represented.

Some took a more tongue-in-cheek response.

It’s not just Sainsbury’s causing upset though, other Twitter users have been upset about the diversity displayed in adverts across other brands, too.

Do you like the advert?

Image via Sainsbury’s/YouTube