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Sam Heughan Buys £1Million Farmhouse Built In Same Year As New Series Of Outlander Is Set


Sam Heughan spends £1 million on a luxurious farmhouse outside Glasgow, which was built the same year that the next series of Outlander is slated to premiere.

SAM Heughan has purchased a luxurious farmhouse in Scotland that was built in 1775. This Sam Heughan Farmhouse Outlandernewshas taken the internet by storm.

The four-bedroom house, which dates back to America's Warof Independence, caught the actor's attention when he was 41 years old.

The opulent home was constructed in 1775 which is the same year the new Outlander television series is set.

The C-listed property is close to Glasgow 4.

The renovated C-list apartment in Glasgow offers elegant modern design and features, including a cozy fireplace and an outside patio space, as shown by interior images taken inside the property.

An additional feature of the home is a two-car garage, a luxurious kitchen with a stylish island table, and a luxurious bathroom with a large tub.

Lounge of sam's farmhouse with brown colored sofas, a glass main wall to garden and a fireplace
Lounge of sam's farmhouse with brown colored sofas, a glass main wall to garden and a fireplace

Official documents reveal that the mansion was built 246 years ago, during the American Revolutionary War's rebellion against British colonial control - an era that serves as the setting for the sixth season of the time-travel drama Outlander.

“What a coincidence that Sam bought this house when the show’s set in the 18th century," one fan of the program commented.

Because Sam Heughan Farmhouse Outlander is a series about the past, it's no wonder that he was drawn to this particular residence.

“Fans of the show will love the fact that it was being built at the same time as the real events of the new series were taking place.” says the producer.

Brown colored wooden bath tub, a brown rug and dark brown wooden shelves in sam farmhouse bathroom
Brown colored wooden bath tub, a brown rug and dark brown wooden shelves in sam farmhouse bathroom

There have been reports earlier that Heughan's purchase of three mansions in Glasgow's west end each cost millions of dollars. This defines Sam Heughan net worth.

Outlander is set to return to television screens next year in what is expected to be a much-anticipated homecoming.

It was delayed until February because of the pandemic, which caused the season to begin filming last year but not finish until this year.

Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld, where the filming took place, was completed in May.

Sam, who hails from Balmaclellan in Dumfriesshire, revealed that the current season, which was recorded throughout the winter, was the most difficult he had encountered since he rose to popularity in 2013 as Highland warrior Jamie Fraser.

He said: “It’s only eight episodes but it was one of the hardest as we were shooting during a pandemic. A lot of factors made it pretty difficult because of Covid.”

Can Sam Heughan Speak French?

"I don't speak French, not like Caitriona. I failed my French exam in school, but it's surprisingly a lot easier than Gaelic. I can understand French, generally, and I can almost read it."


The show's outdoor sequences are filmed in several locations around Scotland.

According to Sam, “We shot in Glencoe when there was still snow on the mountains. There are midges, of course, but it was stunning.”

This 'Sam Heughan Farmhouse Outlander' is circulating the internet for so long and people keep on reacting about this.

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