Samuel L Jackson’s Voice Is Being Added To Amazon Alexa

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Published 26.09.19

Samuel L Jackson will soon be an available voice option on your Amazon Alexa and that’s just f*cking fantastic.

I don’t have an Alexa. I don’t have one of those Google Home things either. I was sort of interested in getting the Apple Home thing but honestly, I feel like a dick enough as it is talking to Siri on my phone.

It especially doesn’t help that my current playlist is called Alfie is Cool, so talking to my phone in public to tell it to shuffle that and then having John Travolta And Olivia Newton John’s You’re The One That I Want playing is already bad.

My girlfriend’s family are one of these ones who have an Alexa in every room, with them all connected to the house. Her dad’s constantly asking for the lights to be dimmed in the extension, like bloody Iron Man or something and I’m impressed, of course, but I can’t get behind talking to my house.

That was before I heard this news though, and now I’m reasonably tempted to ask a little box that’s probably relaying everything I say back to a government database to warm the oven up for me.

samuel l jackson amazon

You know why? Samuel L Jackson could be the voice that responds. The dream.

Can you get Samuel L. Jackson’s voice on Alexa?


With a 99 cent upgrade – which will probably inexplicably translate to a 99 pence upgrade – Amazon are teaming up with a whole host of celebrities to provide the voice for their Echoes, otherwise known as Alexas, for next year.

An official Amazon blog post states:

[Jackson] can tell you jokes, let you know if it’s raining, set timers and alarms, play music and more — all with a bit of his own personality.

It went on the explain that there would be two versions; one explicit and one clean.

amazon echo frames

Amazon also announced the likes of Echo Frames, which are essentially glasses that have Alexa in them (I’m not sure why), and even the Echo Loop, which is a ring.

The Verge brilliantly reviewed said ring by summing it up:

It works, but do you really need Alexa on your finger?

amazon echo loop

Probably not.

It’s not a cool, productive or even forward-thinking stance, but I’d be perfectly happy if technology just plateaued now. It’s fine as it is. Anything more would just be unnerving.

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