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Say Goodbye To Tilapia Bait, Reusable Ice Cream Containers Get A Makeover


Filipinos have a long-standing joke about the mystery contents of their ice cream containers in the freezer. Unlike Westerners who enjoy ice cream from an ice cream tub, Filipinos always have to wonder, "Is this ice cream or fish?" due to the reusable tubs their mothers and grandmothers used to store food.

However, the fun or misfortune of discovering the contents of the mystery box may have come to an end, as a local ice cream manufacturer has started using see-through tubs. You should now be able tosay goodbye to tilapia bait, reusable ice cream containers get a makeover!

Selecta Introduces See-Through Tubs For Ice Cream, No More Frozen Mystery Box

The newsspread like wildfire when Facebook user Angelo Jose shared a viral photo of a Selecta tub that clearly showed the double Dutch ice cream flavor inside.

"You'll be happy to know that Selecta has made a change! With their new see-through tubs, we won't be fooled anymore and we can easily check if it's ice cream or fish inside," he said in a post uploaded last Monday with more than 53,000 reactions, mostly laughing emojis, and more than 23,000 shares. Indeed, the photo showed a clear tub with the ice cream visible, leaving no room for doubt about what was inside.

A hand holding new selecta ice cream container
A hand holding new selecta ice cream container

True enough, several Selecta tubs now sport the new design, which allows customers to easily see the ice cream flavors. While some flavors still use beige-colored tubs, the majority now have a see-through design.

Gone are the days of wondering whether it's Tilapia or any other fish inside the ice cream container. If you're like the mother of Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy (or Josep!), you might have used ice cream tubs as your own "Filipino Tupperware". However, this time around, your schoolmates or officemates will know exactly what you brought for lunch.

For many Filipinos, ice cream is a staple dessert or snack, especially during hot and humid days. Selecta, one of the country's leading ice cream brands, is known for its wide range of flavors and consistent quality. The new see-through tubs not only make it easier for customers to choose their desired flavor but also promote transparency and honesty in the food industry.

Moreover, the switch to see-through tubs is also an environmentally-friendly move. Reusable containers are better for the planet than disposable ones, as they reduce waste and conserve resources. By using see-through tubs, Selecta is showing its commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

Overall, the introduction of Selecta's new ice cream tub design has been met with enthusiasm and approval from customers. It's a small but significant change that will make buying ice cream a more convenient and enjoyable experience. Plus, no more fishy surprises!

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