Scared of Commitment? Get Shedloads Of Data Without Signing Up To A Contract

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Sponsored
Published 27.03.20

We’ve all been there; you get a new phone and data plan, you’re happy for a while and then you realise you’re stuck with it for two years. I get sick of dinners halfway through eating them. Do people really expect me to be content with a phone contract for two years?!

Two years is a long time and given how fast technology advances these days, you’d probably be left with something that you’re not particularly pleased with once you’re due for an upgrade.

There’s so rarely a way out though, and when there is, it usually means paying silly amounts to pay off your contract or get a new one.

Stop looking for binding contracts and be free with EE’s amazing pay as you go

Help is at hand though, in the shape of something we all had at least once in our lives: pay as you go. 

More specifically, EE’s pay as you go.

ee pay as you go

It’s easy to turn your nose up at pay as you go, having had everyone and the mums ramming gratuitous contracts down your throat, but a lot has changed, and EE’s pay as you go is the best of the best.

Not only is EE’s pay as you go great for the likes of data and minutes, it’s perfect for people who – like most – are terrified of commitment because, as you may have guessed, you can stop at any point you like.

EE’s pay as you go deals are the best way to get crazy amounts of data and not break the bank

That’s if you want to stop though, and it’s pretty unlikely that you would, given what’s on offer.

ee pay as you go refer a friend

What exactly is on offer though? Well…

Paying £10 into your sim will give you 4GB of data and 100 minutes. £15 will give you 8GB of data and unlimited minutes. £20 buys you 15GB and unlimited minutes. £25 equates to 30GB and unlimited minutes and then £30 will give you 60GB and, you guessed it, unlimited minutes.

Even their cheapest offer is pretty great. 4GB goes a long way and what’s more, with all of these plans, the data you don’t use gets rolled over so you always get your money’s worth.

Get loads of data on the UK’s best and fastest network without signing up to a contract

EE take this offer a step further too, by boosting your data for free every three months. It gets better and better, I guess. With data boost, the longer you stay with EE’s pay as you go, the better it gets… it starts off great. Imagine that; it would be like eating a lovely lasagne, and then be rewarded for eating that lasagne with more lasagne.

Everyone loves lasagne.

The lasagne line should have convinced you alone, but if you want to know specifically what a boost does, essentially, if you buy the same pack for 3 months in a row, you’re gifted a free boost of 500mb on every third pack. So if your pack allowance is 8GB, it will grow to 8.5GB after three months, 9GB after six months, and so on.

All of this takes place on the UK’s fastest and best network – EE – and even taking away from the unparalleled speeds you’ll get from them, these are better offers than you’re likely to find from any other service provider.

What’s more, if you refer a friend to EE’s pay as you go, once they purchase their first pack, you get given a £10 Amazon voucher. You’re making money!!!

Don’t be silly; avoid contracts, avoid willing away the time until you can upgrade, and get on EE’s amazing pay as you go deals.