School Girl Writes Hilarious Note To Let Guy Know Who Wrecked His Car

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Published 24.03.19
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I’m lucky/talented enough to have never been involved in a car accident but I fear it every day. The issue is, I believe I’m a good enough driver to not hit anything or anyone when I’m actually in my car, but when I park outside the Sainsbury’s, God knows what might happen when I’m not around.

The sad truth is that no-one but myself can be trusted, and that includes you reading this now. I’m sorry, just stay away from my car… please.

With how protective I am over my car, I can imagine the horror of Andrew Sipowicz, when he noticed a huge dent on his Mustang on Monday night near his home in Buffalo, New York.

The senior at Canisius College told Buzzfeed that he was livid, saying:

I was like, ‘You gotta be kidding!’

And that’s when I saw the note.

Expecting his car, Andrew noticed a note left there, which included a dangerously detailed account of the incident, as well as a diagram.

As the note explained, it was left by a sixth grade girl who was in the bus at the time.

Andrew said that the note eased his mood:

I thought it was funny,” he said.

Sipowicz was relieved to have an explanation and tweeted, commending the girl responsible for the note…

Buzzfeed tried to reach out to the school the girl went to, but were directed to the bus company that runs the service, First Student.

In their statement, the bus company said they had met with Sipowicz to initiate an “insurance process” and said they would “cover the full cost of the repair.”

The actions of our former driver are completely contrary to First Student’s training and what we stand for as a company.

We have initiated the process to terminate the driver.”

Sipowicz said that the school recognised the girl’s handwriting, and he is trying to set up a meeting so he can thank her and give her some kind of reward.

First Student also shared their gratitude, saying:

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that we are very impressed by this exceptional sixth grader.

We commend her for her actions.”

Images via Twitter

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