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School Leaver Resurrects At Prom, Arrives In Coffin As Vampire


A 16-year-old school leaver resurrects at prom, arrives in coffin as vampire, and has made waves with her remarkable and unconventional prom entrance. Abi Ricketts, from Doncaster, known for her gothic style, decided to take her prom night to the next level by arriving in a 6ft long coffin, symbolizing her "rising from the dead" persona.

Spooky Entrance That Astounded Attendees

Abi's vision for the entrance was inspired by her favorite movie, The Lost Boys, an iconic 80s cult film. While she had hoped to secure a hearse for a more eerie effect, she managed to find a plywood casket on Facebook for a bargain price of £50. With the assistance of her father, Abi transformed their black Volvo XC90 into a makeshift hearse, complete with metal rods to ensure a smooth exit from the vehicle.

As the much-anticipated day arrived, onlookers were left in awe as Abi, donned in white makeup, a black lace corset, matching gloves, and thick black boots, emerged from the coffin with arms crossed. Standing beside her were her father and brother, playing the role of "funeral staff" with a serious demeanor.

Abi Ricketts with her father and brother dressed as her funeral staff.
Abi Ricketts with her father and brother dressed as her funeral staff.

The reception to Abi's entrance was nothing short of sensational. Cheers, screams, and applause filled the air as she made her way onto the red carpet. The school leaver's teachers were also amazed, expressing that they had never witnessed such a unique and memorable entrance.

Everyone was cheering and screaming and clapping. They were all gobsmacked. My teachers said that it was amazing, they had never seen anything like it and it would go down in history.- Abi Ricketts

Bittersweet Tribute To A Supportive Grandmother

Behind this extraordinary entrance, there was a deeper meaning. Abi's grandmother, Margaret, had been a strong supporter of her gothic style and had encouraged her to pursue her vision. Unfortunately, Margaret passed away four months prior to the prom, making Abi's entrance a tribute to her late grandmother's memory.

Abi explained her tribute to her late grandmother's memory.

She was so on board with it but she ended up passing away about four months ago. I knew I had to do it to honor her. We're a family of goth metalheads, so my family thought it was great too.- Abi Ricketts

Abi's prom entrance didn't stop at the event itself. She shared a video of her remarkable moment on TikTok, where it quickly gained traction. To date, the video has received over 1.6 million views and more than 166,000 likes, propelling Abi to social media stardom.


In the end, Abi Ricketts, the school leaver who "rose from the dead" at her prom, left an indelible mark on the minds of all who witnessed her entrance. Combining her love for gothic aesthetics with a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother, she created a unique and unforgettable experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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