Two Chemistry Teachers Arrested For Cooking Meth In Real-Life ‘Breaking Bad’ Scenario

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 18.11.19

Breaking Bad is real as two chemistry professors have been arrested for cooking meth.

Who’d have thought that in a year where we got a Breaking Bad spinoff film – El Camino – a separate, real tale of two science teachers would have been more sensational?

Yes, two chemistry professors of the Henderson State University in Arkansas are currently on administrative leave after being pretty naughty (not in the kinky way) and taking a leaf out of Walter White’s book.


Bradley Allen Rowland, 40, and Terry Bateman, 45, were taken into police custody on Friday by the Clark County Sheriff’s Department and the narcotics task force.

chemistry teachers cooking meth

The Sheriff’s Office said of the arrest:

Bateman and Rowland were the subject of an investigation originating with Henderson State University Chief of Police, Johnny Campbell.”


The two were charged for manufacturing methamphetamine and using drug paraphernalia after reports that they were producing said narcotics throughout October.

Early in the month, the university facility was closed after reports of a chemical small were brought to the authorities’ attentions, with it being opened later in the month. Environmental services were called, with air filters being checked and windows removed for ventilation, but the eventual discovery of Benzyl chloride in the premises was to the professors’ detriment.


Benzyl chloride is a substance often used in the production of meth and while it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Bateman and Rowland were using school equipment for their endeavours, Tina V. Hall, a university associate vice president of marketing and communications, said that the two men went on administrative leave, adding:

The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority, and we continue to cooperate with authorities.


Hilariously in the university’s paper, The Oracle, one of the convicted professors commended the series Breaking Bad during an interview, saying:

I thought it was a great show. It was spot on and accurate when it came to the science, and, it has gotten a younger, newer generation interested in chemistry. I feel like it was a wonderful recruiting tool.”

Really took it to heart, didn’t he?

Images via AMC, Clark County Sheriff’s Office