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Scientists Reveal That Snakes Have Clitorises


Scientists reveal that snakes have clitorises. The clitoris, which is the topmost part of women's orgasms, has more than 10,000 nerve fibers, making it the part of the female anatomy with the most nerve endings.

According to a recent study, certain female snakes possess the clitoris just like other female snakes do. Researchers from La Trobe University, the University of Adelaide, and the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology have finished the first-ever description of the clitoris (hemiclitores) in female snakes.

Scientists reveal that snakes have clitorises. The work was released in Biological Sciences: Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

According to the newsrelease, academic understanding of sexual reproduction in vertebrates like snakes and lizards is constrained since female genitalia are remarkably understudied in comparison to their male counterparts.

As a co-author and postdoctoral researcher in neuroecology at La Trobe University, Dr. Jenna Crowe-Riddell said:

It opens up new questions about the dynamics of snake mating and initiates new conversations about a whole other side of the story that we've been missing, which is the female anatomy. When (Megan Folwell, Ph.D. student researcher) asked the question, it occurred to us that scientists have never thought to do this. So that's why we looked into some of the cells that underlie it and found red blood cells and nerves that are consistent with erectile tissue - all the hallmarks of the clitoris.- Jenna Crowe-Riddell

We're Filling In That Missing Spot

The study's authors emphasize that there hasn't been much research on females and say it might be a pioneering study.

"When you open up an anatomy textbook and imagine you have a detailed drawing of the male genitalia, for the female genitalia, a whole part of it is missing, essentially. So we're filling in that missing spot," Dr. Crowe-Riddell continued.

According to Dr. Crowe-Riddell, the next stage is to investigate how other snake species mate, which may involve coercion or seduction.

Because one thing's for sure is that the hemipenes are incredibly variable, genitalia just evolves super quickly across animals, and snakes are no exception. Now we've got this anatomy, we can kind of flip the coercion assumption and say, well it could be seduction, and that just hasn't really been considered that much for snakes. It's definitely considered for mammals. I think snakes have been left behind because they're scaly and a bit, bit weird, honestly.- Dr. Crowe-Riddell


Scientists reveal that snakes have clitorises. This discovery that snakes do have clitorises has disproved the long-held belief that female snakes lack a sexual organ.

Research that came out on Wednesday (Dec 14) gives the first accurate descriptions of how a female snake's genitalia are made.

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