Man accidentally shoots himself in the head with spear while scuba diving.

I love swimming. I haven’t swam in the sea for a long time though, mainly because it’s cold, I live absolutely nowhere near the beach and because the ocean is a scary place. This diver’s experience proves it.

How did the man shoot himself in the face?

A scuba diver, Connie Hallowell, narrowly avoided losing his eyesight (and death to be honest) after a fishing spear accidentally fired, piercing his face and ending up behind his eyes. People are going on about how he could’ve lost his sight, but I’m more interested in how he didn’t die full stop. It was inches away from his eye, sure, but inches away from his brain as well.

Warning: this is pretty graphic


This guy got very lucky – how did he survive that?!

The pastor was diving off the coast of Scottburgh Beach in South Africa, collecting fishing sinkers. After the incident, Hallowell managed to crawl back to the beach (somehow) and garnered attention from the nearby public.

Locals held onto the spear while one of them retrieved an angle grinder to shorten it. Who knows what was going through these people’s heads at that time. Man crawls out of water with a spear through his head, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s a gonner.


I also can’t get my head around why someone decided to get the angle grinder to shorten it. It’s in his head no matter how long it is. Also, it’s not like you can shorten it form inside his head so what’s the point?

Regardless, he was eventually airlifted to a hospital in St Anne’s in Pietermaritzburg, where the spear was subsequently removed. Connie miraculously recovered and his eyesight hasn’t been impacted in any way. I wonder if this’ll stop him from diving in the future though.

Did the man who shot himself in the face with a spear survive?

In a video to the South Coast Herald, a surprisingly well looking (alive or not the guy’s had a spear through his head) Connie was interviewed and thanked everyone for their thoughts.

He said “I’m doing very, very well. I’m good, I’m recovering, looking forward to seeing you guys soon. God bless, bye”.

Perhaps someone really was looking down on him on this day. Even it stops his diving career , it’ll definitely spark him to continue his service to the church.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2017 a similar incident involved a spear going through a man’s skull. It went through on one side of his head and came out on another. Guess what? He survived also. It was another case of “had it been a millimetre closet he’d be dead” sort of thing.

It’s interesting, only 5% of the ocean has been explored or something like that and there are so many terrifying things in there. Sharks, Jellyfish, Stingrays (can’t forget Steve Irwin) and yet the biggest threat is ourselves….with spears.

I think there’s a message in that somewhere.

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