Seagull Drops ‘Severed Puppy Paw’ Feared To Belong To Gizmo The Missing Dog

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in News, UK
Published 23.08.19

Back in July a Chihuahua named Gizmo was taken away by a seagull, but shocking images have revealed what looks to be the remains of his paws. 

I really, really hope this isn’t the poor pup…

When was Gizmo the dog taken?

The internet was devastated when the news of missing Gizmo came about, after his owner Becca Hill claimed he vanished from his home in Devon in July.

But new images have revealed what could be Gizmo’s paws after they were “dropped and fought over by an angry flock of birds” on Wednesday evening in Exeter, 25 miles away from where Gizmo disappeared, according to witness Daisy Pugh.

Did a seagull drop Gizmo the dog?

Well, it appears like it could have.

Daisy Pugh was strolling through a car park when she saw the gulls fighting – and that’s when she discovered the paw.


She said: “I was walking back to my boyfriend’s house up through The Triangle car park when I saw some angry seagulls fighting over something and acting suspiciously.

“When I got closer I was shocked to see it was a paw and thought “oh my god” – it looks like either a dog or a cat, not a rabbit’s foot, it was a different shape.

“When I got to my boyfriend’s I told them and they all rushed out and ran down the street to see it.

“My friend felt the fur and said it was soft like a cat. The weird thing is that it also looked as if it had been burned. It was gruesome.”


Has Gizmo the dog been found?

No, not yet.

This is the second apparent sighting of the remains of Gizmo, though, as a leg bone was found on a rooftop in Totnes, Devon believed to belong to the pooch.

However, experts later said that her discovery was probably a rabbit’s foot, with Hayley Pfeffer, one of the veterinary surgeons at Vets4Pets in Torquay, telling The Sun: “I can confirm it’s not a dog’s foot and more than likely that of a rabbit.”

Ad Viljoen, one of the other senior vets at the surgery, added: “This is not a canine foot.

“The claws are that of a rabbit and there are hairs between the toes where a dog would have pads.”

It definitely looks like a paw from a dog or a cat to me…

Did the seagull eat Gizmo the dog?

Well, in a more sinister turn of events, though, some people have even speculated that the seagull ate the poor pup whole.

I don’t even know how that would be possible.

However owner Becca Hill has not lost hope, as lost dog posters are still up in the town of Paignton, where Gizmo went missing.

They posters urge people who live in the area to check their gardens, suspecting that the pup may have been dropped from the seagulls mouth.

Where is Gizmo the dog?

The whereabouts of Gizmo is still unknown, despite the publicity surrounding his disappearance. Everyone wants to know what happened to him!

In the light of this news, some people have even took up the opportunity to share their seagull horror stories.

It sounds like a lot of other people have gone through a ‘near experience’ of having their dog taken by seagulls. And I don’t know about you, but that really worries me.

Poor Gizmo has been missing for a month now, and if he was in anyone’s back gardens, I’m sure he’d of been found safe and sound by now.

I just hope the poor guy hasn’t came to any harm, although it ain’t lookin’ good thanks to the seagull.

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