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Sex Ideas To Spice Up Your Relationship In 2022


It's natural to feel less sexual or interested in sexat different times in one's life, especially if you're in a long-term relationship. Just because something is normal doesn't mean it isn't upsetting.

You can rekindle your sexual passions in a variety of ways. You can feel like you've done everything and it's time to branch out with some fresh sex ideas. Bringing up new sex ideas with your spouse can be frightening.

Couples frequently grapple with how frequently they should have sex, what to do in bed together, and how to be creative. Consider it an experiment or a game to make it less daunting.

Practice is required! This is your chance to put our new ideas to the test with your partner, and it won't always be flawless the first time. You can also try things you don't like, which is perfectly fine! It's your chance to sample and experiment, just like you would at a new brewery or wine bar.

Time It Right

A Man Playing With An Olive On His Partner
A Man Playing With An Olive On His Partner

You could be worried about how your partner will react. When you decide to chat to your spouse, make sure you are in a safe, comfortable, and distraction-free environment. It's also crucial that the talk isn't rushed; you don't want to be interrupted by a youngster or the phone ringing. Choose a time and location that is convenient for your companion.

Start The Conversation

A Woman Holding A Condom In Her Hand
A Woman Holding A Condom In Her Hand

Find a decent moment to talk to your spouse once you've settled on your interests and have new sex ideas. Keep in mind that when their spouse offers anything new in the sexual connection, some people become insecure or feel inadequate. Begin by complementing your lover and expressing your delight in your sex life with them. Then mention you've been considering taking a risk and trying something new.

Here Are Some Sex Ideas To Get You Started...

Change Locations

A Couple Having Sex In The Kitchen
A Couple Having Sex In The Kitchen

It's as easy as strolling into your living room to change things up! How long has it been since you had sex on the couch? Kitchen island? Chair? Consider going on a weekend getaway vacation sex is a fantastic way to keep things interesting and new.

Try A New Position

A Couple Having Sex In An Unusual Position
A Couple Having Sex In An Unusual Position

Experiment with different sexual styles other than missionary and doggy. It doesn't have to be difficult; simply stand up and place one leg on the bed or a chair. Before moving into a sex position, you may start with an oil massage.

The Maypole is a new job that is both thrilling and hard. The receiving partner is held up by the penetrating partner. While being penetrated, the receiving partner wraps their legs around each other.

The man's pubic bone will grind against her clit for added enjoyment for women. Try The Chair if you're not ready for standing positions like The Maypole. The penetrating partner will sit in a chair, while the receiving partner will sit on top of the chair and lower to be penetrated.

It's less difficult than learning to stand. You can also try removing the chair and squatting against the wall, however this will be more difficult.

Buy A Sex Toy

A Woman Holding A Sex Toy
A Woman Holding A Sex Toy

There are numerous compelling reasons to include a sex toy in your sex routine. Some people take them to achieve orgasm, while others use them to increase their performance. There's a lot to know about sex toys before you buy them!

There is no body or agency in the United States that oversees the safety of sexual aids. Companies can and do build toys out of whatever material they desire because there are no limitations. These can be poisonous and dangerous.

Avoid toys manufactured of Jelly Latex, and remember that a safe sex toy will most likely cost more than $35. Silicone, glass, stainless steel, and Pyrex are all non-toxic materials. The album Good Vibrations is a great place to start. Vibrators for couples are available to improve sexual intercourse.

While their spouse penetrates, some of these vibrators are worn. Think about the Eva or WeVibe. Aside from vibrators and dildos, there are a plethora of additional alternatives, such as bondage equipment, positioning wedges, and games that aid role play or keep things interesting.

Try Anal Play

A Pear In The Form Of A Bottom
A Pear In The Form Of A Bottom

You may integrate anal sex into your bedroom for the pleasure and excitement of both you and your spouse with caution and patience. The most important thing to remember is to proceed slowly. It's difficult to go too slowly.

To be able to receive anal intercourse, most people need a lot of time and patience, so start with a finger and work your way up to the size of a penis or dildo.

Take it easy when entering because it can be the most exhilarating and challenging aspect. Stay steady for a few moments after you or your spouse has entered to allow the anus to relax around the penetration. USE LUBE. And plenty of it.

The anus, unlike the vagina, does not self-lubricate. The bottled liquid is required to facilitate entry. Silicone lube is especially good for anal intercourse, but you can use whatever type you choose.

Explore A Fantasy

Two People Having Sex On The Beach
Two People Having Sex On The Beach

Fantasy is extremely beneficial! They're much more enjoyable when shared. Play a game where you and your companion express your mildest and craziest desires. It's simple to start with a modest one and subsequently envision yourself in the wildest one possible. This will establish a secure area for you to explore.

Fantasy doesn't have to be acted out; it might just exist in your shared imaginations. Without ever acting on the threesome, you may view a threesome porno or even download an app to swipe among potential threesome companions.

Hot Sex Ideas in Bed: 20 Hot Sex Ideas in Bed! (Working Tips)

People Also Ask

What Do I Add To Sex?

Update your foreplay, foreplay is more than just a precursor to sex, implement gratitude, get out of the bedroom, schedule sex, add sex toys, track your sex life, don't be afraid of quickies, actually wear your lingerie.

What Can I Do For Exciting Sex?

Try something new, over time, most couples adopt a fairly predictable sexual script, make out like teenagers, schedule romantic activities, share your fantasies, watch a sexy DVD, see a sex therapist.

How Can I Make Him Cry In Bed At Night?

Call out his name often, weirdly enough, one of the many things men like to hear during sex is their name, talk to him, play with his ears, give his neck attention, look for his sensitive spots, kiss his thighs, give him a massage, try new temperatures.

How Do You Make Sex Not Boring?

Seek treatment for medical issues, embrace communication about sex, make time for passionate sex, try role-playing in the bedroom, test the waters with sex toys, explore your (and your partner's) kinks.


Two People Making Love
Two People Making Love

There are numerous sex options to consider, ranging from bondage and clothing to sharing porn! Sex isn't defined by one thing, so broaden your horizons and be willing to explore new things. While you're exploring, make sure you're speaking with your partner to ensure you're both comfortable and fulfilled.

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