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Sex Magick - Your Pathway To Your Erotic Spirituality


Everything we do with intention is a spell, whether it's as simple as preparing a nutritious meal or as exciting as harnessing the power of your orgasm to make your dreams come true.

'Sex Magick,' which is conscious, mindful sex, is also included in spells. It is the cultivation of energy through sex and the redirection of that energy to a specific source. It can be done by anyone, at any time, alone or with a partner(s).

It's not much different from sex without the 'magick,' as it simply means we're doing it with the intention that the Universe listens and responds appropriately.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about Sex Magick and how it can help you improve your erotic spirituality.

What Is Sex Magick?

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A woman on top of a man and about to kiss each other
A woman on top of a man and about to kiss each other

Sex Magick is intended to be a user-friendly tool, available to anyone, particularly those on the periphery of society. Anyone on the spiritual spectrum is welcome to participate, whether you're a muggle or a master manifester.

You don't require anything other than yourself. There is a common misconception that sex magick only works through partnered sex; however, solo sex magick is also very powerful.

The foundation of Sex Magick is exploration and experience, learning to connect on a much deeper level with both your spiritual and sensual selves in order to transform and enrich your sexual mindset.

As a form of spellwork, you may want to prepare the space by smudging to cleanse the energy, lighting-colored candles, and sprinkling salt as a form of protection from any bad juju.

If you're new to spellwork, keep it simple and do whatever feels natural to you. When you're ready, consider your goal. What are you hoping to accomplish with this? If you're doing this with a partner, talk about your overall goal.

Make sure it's clear in your mind before you begin, and then visualize it repeatedly throughout. Imagine the energy you're creating radiating from your body, supercharging your intention and sending it up to the Universe with force.

Sex Magick Manifesting - What You Need?

Right now, you have everything you need for a sex magick spell:

  • A desire - something you want.
  • An imagination - the ability to visualize your desire coming to fruition and feeling as if it already has.
  • Pleasure - masturbation, sex with a partner, or simply a sensual bath

How To Do Sex Magick If You Have A Partner?

A couple lying in the bed and about to kiss each other
A couple lying in the bed and about to kiss each other

To perform a sex magic ritual with a partner, follow the same rules as for a solo ritual, but pay closer attention because there are two people involved.

First and foremost, you will need a partner who is willing to participate in this ritual with you, and you must ensure that everyone agrees on the outcome you wish to achieve. Decide on your goal; it's best if it's a shared goal so you can devote your full attention to it.

After you've established the mood, gradually increase your excitement until you're almost ready to orgasm. Allow pleasure to consume you. Keep your goal in mind during this period of high arousal. The more intense your feelings, the faster you can attract what you want, and your energy is limitless in this sexual arousal state.

You don't have to focus on your intention all the time, but you should be aware of it when engaging in this sexual ritual.

People Also Ask

Why Is Sex Magick Powerful?

Sexual energy naturally raises your body's vibration, which can be used to effect meaningful change in your life. By consciously moving energy through your entire body, you are also activating various parts of your brain and nervous system, bringing your body and mind into a fully integrated and communicative space.

What Are The Basics Of Sex Magick?

Sex Magic can be performed with a partner or as a solo practice. Consider embodied breathwork if you're just getting started or if your energy is feeling more peaceful and loving. Your sexual energy doesn't have to be hot, erotic, or passionate, but it should be positive and high-vibrational.

How To Do Solo Sex Magick Practice?

Begin turning yourself on and increasing your sexual energy but wait until you reach the crown of your head to climax. It is not required to orgasm, so don't feel obligated to do so. Use the pleasure of your high vibrational state to power your Sex Magic.


To sum it up, Sex Magick refers to any type of sexual activity used in magical endeavors. Simply put, sex magick is the use of sexual arousal or orgasm energy with the visualization of the desired result.

No matter how frustrated you are, black magick sex rituals can provide you with complete physical satisfaction. And you don't have to have any prior experience with magick or witchcraft to use the spells and rituals in this book. You will be given access to the secrets of sex magick.

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About The Authors

Scarlet Sunset

Scarlet Sunset - Scarlet Sunset is a captivating and confident transgender individual who radiates sensuality and embraces her unique beauty. With a radiant smile and a touch of red lipstick, she captivates hearts by the poolside as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow on her unforgettable presence. Despite societal norms and expectations, Scarlet celebrates her body, proudly defying conventional standards of beauty. Her curves tell a story of self-acceptance and empowerment, challenging stereotypes and inspiring others to embrace their own bodies without reservation.

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