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Sherry Shriner Death Cause - A Leader Of Alien-Reptile Cult In America


The founder of the Alien Reptile Cult is an American author named Sherry Shriner. She was born in 1965 and passed away on January 28th, 2021. Her death was quite mysterious. So, here is everything that you need to know about Sherry Shriner death cause.

In the United States, Sherry Shriner was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1965.

The self-proclaimed messenger of God and head of a cult was known to hold chats with the devil before their friendship soured.

Through her writings and teachings, which focused on the struggle against the devil, the world's greatest deception, she reached out to followers.

Sherry was unique among others of her generation from an early age. As a result of her enormous power and her involvement in numerous conspiracies, many people lost their lives.

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But, let's have a brief look at her early life and some details related to it.


She was educated, despite what many people believe. Sherry graduated with degrees in journalism, political science, and criminal justice from Kent State University.

Sherry Shriner after arrest photos collage
Sherry Shriner after arrest photos collage


Sherry Shriner's work revolves around the spiritual world and her fights with the Devil, who is the king of the liars.

Sherry Shriner made a name for herself in the spiritual community by battling the devil.

Before things went bad and they grew to be the worst of enemies, Sherry Shriner was friends with the devil.

She created and published a book called "Interview" before she passed away, in which she described her conversation with Lucifer, the Devil.

According to sources, Sherry once had a friendship with the devil, but things changed when they both turned into the worst of adversaries.

Sherry Shriner, an author and cult leader, is one of the most controversial people in the spiritual world, and her conversation with Lucifer is no different.

In the course of their conversation, Sherry and Lucifer recall their early years in heaven, before Sherry became Lucifer's worst enemy.

The long, controversial book talked about Lucifer, the spirit world, and the plans the devil had for the US government.

She organized seminars and books where she educated readers about the spiritual world around them and how cunning Lucifer may be in order to lead the fight against him.

She kept teaching on social media, where she kept shining a light on the spiritual side of the world until she died.

Sherry Shriner wearing a black outfit
Sherry Shriner wearing a black outfit

Shriner's Facebook Page

Sherry Shriner's bizarre opinions on Facebook launched her career in social media.

She created a Facebook group where she posted thousands of incredible facts about this world and real-life extraterrestrial reptiles.

She actually became well-known after publishing the book "Interview" in which she discussed this planet and people from the devil's perspective.

She also said that since alien reptiles are nice and want everyone to live in peace, they are the devil's deadliest opponents.

In contrast, the devil constantly tries to trick humankind and coerce people into doing awful things that they shouldn't.

Numerous documentaries have been produced on Sherry's life story. The Devil You Know was the most well-known Sherry Shriner film of the previous year 2021 (provided below).


Steve Mineo was shot by his girlfriend, Barbara Rogers, in 2017, and many believe Sherry Shriner played a role in his demise.

Before Sherry Shriner said Stevie Mineo and his girlfriend Barbara were aliens, which was not true, and after they were found out, they were among the first people to join the Alien Reptile Cult.

Sherry Shriner and Steve Mineo were close friends before Steve started dating Barbara Rogers, but their relationship soured when Barbara entered the scene.

Many people thought Sherry Shriner was jealous and kicked them out by saying they were from another planet.

Barbara claimed that Steve Mineo urged her to shoot him in the head and that she complied, adding that Sherry Shriner was in charge of both of them.

Sherry Shriner gained notoriety after she passed away in January 2021.

Sherry Shrine Death Cause

Sherry Shriner passed away on January 28th, 2021, with a heart attack being given as the official cause of death.

Do you really think the case is that simple?

Police arresting Sherry Shriner
Police arresting Sherry Shriner

Were You Aware Of These Sherry Shriner Facts?

She Used To Be A Devout Lutheran

Sherry was a practicing Lutheran at one point in her life before she changed sides, yet it is impossible to track her earlier practices.

She Founded A Cult That Is Hostile To The New World Order

She claimed to have a sizable congregation of followers who were brainwashed against the New World Order.

She believed in a New World Order run by officials who could change their appearance.

She alleged that everyone, from Barack Obama to Queen Elizabeth, was a part of the group that would rule the planet and wished to build a one-world government.

Sherry Shriner Delivered Speeches And Seminars To Spread Her Message

She began to speak out about her battle with the devil that she taught others after it was claimed that she turned against Lucifer.

Sherry plans lectures and seminars to educate people. She started using social media, particularly Facebook, where she had a significant following, to conduct the majority of her classes.

She hosted a weekly radio chat program on her blog every Monday night, and Kelly Pingilley, a late follower, had a big impact on it.

To reach a large audience, Sherry created a number of websites, including TheWatcherFiles.com, SherryShriner.com, and OrgoneBlaster.com.

Her "Supernatural Teachings" Centered On Orgone

The mystical substance orgone is something Shriner advises her followers to have.

The clones and artificial robots that were employed to establish the new global order were purportedly defeated by orgone.

A large portion of her supporters had necklaces or other jewelry made of the material. At the spot where Pingelley killed herself, an orgone necklace was found on her body.

The Devil You Know S02E01 Vampire Witch | Sherry Shriner True Crime Documentary

People Also Ask

Who Is Sherry Shriner Husband?

Sherry had four children and a husband, all of whom live in Carrollton, Ohio. At the time of writing, it is unknown who the members of her family are.

What Is Sherry Shriner Net Worth?

She should have had a net worth of a little more than $1 million based on her business, career, and activities when she was alive. This is due to the fact that, before her passing, she attained a great deal of celebrity and that many individuals offered her hundreds of dollars to grant interviews.

Where Is Sherry Shriner Buried?

There is no information about the place where she is buried. But she died due to a heart attack according to the sources.


Sherry Shriner was one of the most exceptional people the world had ever encountered.

She was, in other words, someone who brought in extraterrestrial reptiles and wished for the world to accept them as residents.

She was exceptionally smart, compassionate, and special, and she had a wonderful personality.

But her propensity for accurately forecasting everything was the single thing that made people dislike her.

And one day, she just died. Sherry Shriner's death cause was a heart attack (as people say).

But do you think that she just died because of some heart attack or that the reason was something else?

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