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This Shitty Treacherous Cat Poops In The Kitchen Basin

A shitty treacherous cat poops in the kitchen basin. The story behind this is that a funny video on Reddit can be seen going viral on the internet with the caption "This Shitty Treachourous Cat" with 1688 upvotes.

Black Crystal
Oct 07, 202245 Shares642 Views
A shitty treacherous cat poops in the kitchen basin. The story behind this is that a funnyvideo on Reddit can be seen going viral on the internet with the caption "This Shitty Treachourous Cat" with 1688 upvotes.
In this video, a cat can be seen pooping in the kitchen basin. Really WTF!!!
The video is given below. I think you should never be a cat owner.
A Reddit user,RamseyHateMe, said, "Owner must have tried to teach that Gremlin to shit in the toilet. Still better than on the carpet I suppose."
However, another user, Sleipnirs, disagree with RamseyHateMe, "Cat shitting exactly where you clean your dishes is not better than on the carpet, IMO.
Edit: That's just my opinion, guys. I'm not going to argue on the subject any further ffs."
On the other hand, WWDubz shared a different perspective, "Maybe it’s their poop sink. You don’t have a poop sink?"
Like, really?
Reddit user, freedombuck05, shared a funny comment, "The poop knife goes on the left side of the table setting, the food knife goes on the right. Don’t mix them up. It’s a huge faux pas."
Huh! Crazy people!
Let me give you some details and reasons why the cat pooping in the tub, so you can avoid this SHIT.

Why Cat Pooped In The Kitchen Sink

It is the wee hours of the morning, and you are just now beginning to stir and get ready for an office day.
You go to the kitchen and then you first catch a whiff of it. Poop. You look down, and there it is—your cat has defecated in the kitchen basin, and now it is your responsibility to clean it up.
If your shitty treacherous cat poops in the kitchen basin, you have to find the reason first.
The vast majority of cats have straightforward explanations for why they defecate in the kitchen.
You simply need to determine what it is so that you can effectively address the issue and put an end to the habit.
A cat sitting in the kitchen sink
A cat sitting in the kitchen sink

Health Issues

  • Your cat is suffering from constipation, so it affects its ability to poop in the litterbox.
  • Your cat is having flea worms or any kind of parasites. Just get proper medication for your cat.
  • It's possible that your cat is suffering from another health condition that is impacting its ability to defecate in the litterbox.
  • They could be suffering from problems with their joints or another health condition that is impacting them.
In these particular scenarios, you will be required to take your cat to the veterinarian so that the problem can hopefully be diagnosed and treated.


Your cat might be suffering from anxiety. The symptoms are rapid breathing, trembling, over-grooming, etc.

Change In Environment

Have you made any recent improvements to your house? Perhaps you purchased new furniture, or perhaps you got rid of an item that they really cherished.
Has someone gone out of the house? Perhaps because of the need to separate for college or other reasons? All of these things are alterations that might happen to a cat.

Any Addition To Your Residence

It's possible that your cat is feeling uneasy because you just brought a new family member into the house.
Have you lately added a new member to your family or adopted a new pet? This will elicit a reaction from your cat, and it may not be a good one.


It's possible that your cat is merely restless. While you spend all day away from home and you have an active cat, you can find that they miss you and require additional stimulation if you are gone during the day.

Dirty LitterBox

Do you empty and clean the litter box on a daily basis? If you don't it's not just you.
Even some people are unable to pull this off on a daily basis.
It is possible, though, that your cat is defecating in the kitchen basin rather than in its litterbox because the litterbox needs some cleaning.
If you find that they only use it immediately after you have cleaned it, you might want to consider cleaning it more frequently in the future.
A black and white cat pooped in the kitchen sink
A black and white cat pooped in the kitchen sink

How Do I Stop My Cat Pooping In The Sink?

There are a few straightforward steps that you may do to assist in modifying the undesirable behavior of your cat.
Experiment with different methods until you find one that fits your cat, your lifestyle, and the circumstances of your home the best.
You are welcome to make multiple adjustments all at once.

Litter Box Improvements

The condition may improve if certain straightforward adjustments are made to the actual litter box.
You should provide your cat with a second litter box, preferably in a different room, so she has the option of using either one.

What Should Be Avoided?

  • Make sure the litter box is not located in the same room as the food and water bowls for the cat.
  • There are some cats that do not appreciate covered or self-cleaning litter boxes.
  • Cats might get frightened by the bright lights, loud noises, and sudden movements, and being confined in a small space might make them feel claustrophobic.
These factors can be sufficient to prevent a cat from using the kitchen sink and bathtub.

Some Alterations

Put a little amount of water in both the sink and the bathtub.
Your cat may be dissuaded from entering the bathtub or sink as a result of this water, which will prevent the action from taking place.
Test out a different brand of cat litter.
Certain types of cat food are disliked by some felines due to their consistency, odor, or other characteristics.
A cat drinking water from kitchen sink tap
A cat drinking water from kitchen sink tap

People Also Ask

Why Is My Cat Pooping In The Sink All Of A Sudden?

There are a lot of factors that could be causing your cat to defecate in the bathtub, and most of them are not very difficult to fix. The primary reason is most likely some kind of nervousness or aversion towards their litter or litterbox. It might be that something has scared them, or they just don't like the kind of litterbox or the type of litter that they are using.

Why Is My Cat Pooping In The Kitchen?

This is frequently the result of an unsettled stomach, an illness that affects the digestive tract, or worms (intestinal parasites). Other problems could include a lack of access to a litter box, a litter box that isn't swept regularly, or a litter box that is too small for the cat.

Why Do Cats Pee In The Sink?

The fact that your cat despises their litter box is the most likely explanation for why they urinate in other places. There are a lot of different things that could make a cat dislike their litter box, and this "affliction" could happen at any point in time.


If your shitty treacherous cat poops in the kitchen basin still frequently despite the improvements that have been made to the environment, it may be beneficial to consult with a veterinary behaviorist who specializes in felines.
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