Shocking Fan Theory About Rami Malek’s Villain In James Bond ‘No Time To Die’

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, Film
Published 04.12.19

After a teaser was released a few days ago, Bond fans were quaking in their boots at the prospect of a full trailer for the new movie, No Time to Die, which was released today.

We already talked about the finer details, but if you missed the trailer you can check it out here:

So yeah, Blofeld’s back.

However, before all that, MGM released some awesome portraits of the cast, each looking pretty savage as they show off their new and interesting fashion statements.


For example, Bond looks like a cross between a tree surgeon and a uniformed cop from the 1990s, whilst Lashana Lynch’s Nomi looks totally ready to f*** s*** up.

But some fans are reading a lot into the portrait of Oscar-winner Rami Malek, who is billed to play the mysterious villain known only as ‘Safin’.

As details about Safin have been kept tightly under wraps, fans are hot on the conspiracy theories, suspecting that the character may not be as original as he may seem, instead being a re-imagining of a classic Bond villain from the very beginning …

Dr No.

I know. Dr No. I mean you know when you know, you know?

Before you write this off as mere tinfoil hattery, just remember that MGM repeatedly told everyone last time that Christoph Waltz’s ‘Franz Oberhauser’ would absolutely definitely NOT turn out to be the latest incarnation of fan-favourite Ernst Stavro Blofeld, despite the film being titled ‘Spectre’ and the shady organisation providing the plot of the entire movie.


Fans are now a lot less trusting when it comes to the creation of original characters, convinced that the writers can do no better than resurrect the old ones with new backstories in a futile attempt to throw folks off the scent.

After the release of the portraits on Facebook, fans took to Twitter to voice their unanimous belief that Safin is an alias of this timeline’s Dr No, who was the titular villain of the very first Bond movie in 1962, citing the character’s hidden hands as evidence.

For those who are unaware of this significance, every Bond villain has a unique and specific trait that solidifies their place in the Bond mythology – Blofeld has his affection for Persian cats and Mao jackets, Goldfinger gets turned on by the colour of gold and LeChiffre weeps blood from his disfigured eye whenever he gets nervous.


In Dr No’s case, his interest in experimenting with radiation has lost him his hands, which are consequently replaced with bionic replicas (like Darth Vader). If the theorising is true, this explains why Safin is the only character in the portraits whose hands do not appear with the rest of his body.

Other fans are convinced that the inclusion of the word ‘No’ in the film’s title and the fact that some of the story is set to take place in Jamaica means that No Time to Die will serve as something of a soft remake of the 1962 classic, integrating more of the Bond mythology and lore into the harder and more realistic Daniel Craig era.

As one fan suggests, the fact that No Time to Die is Craig’s last film (or is it?), it makes sense that the writers would pay tribute to one of the more beloved villains before they’re forced to reboot the franchise again with a new actor. After all, the plot device in Skyfall of having everyone question whether Bond’s too old to carry on wouldn’t really make sense if the new, much younger actor continued the timeline, so starting from scratch for the third time is the only option.


But until we see the finished product, it’s all speculation and conspiracy theories.

Everyone got their tinfoil ready?

No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas on April 2, 2020.