Shocking Footage Shows 93-Year Old Man Shoot A Maintenance Worker Over Water Damage

AvatarHannah Humphreys in News, World
Published 08.01.20

Trust us when we say that you’ll never look at a seemingly innocent old man in the same way again after watching this truly disturbing footage.

NBC News report that the incident in question took place last Thursday, 2nd of January, at the Vista Del Valle apartments near Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

CCTV footage captures little, old, Robert Thomas entering the building and approaching a woman at the front desk.


Reports suggest he was there to speak about water damage to his property – which he evidently was pretty enraged about, despite appearing calm, collected and nonchalant in the moments before and during the attack.

Dressed all-in-black, with a bowler hat, Thomas very casually reaches inside his overcoat and pulls out a handgun.

The woman at the desk can be seen making a swift exit, while the male employee sits down and begins to talk to Thomas.


Having none of it, the OAP opens fire once – shooting a round into the employee’s leg – and then once more as he hits the floor.

Check it out here.

Be warned though, it’s pretty near to the knuckle:

Shocking, isn’t it?

At point-blank range, Thomas appears not to have a care in the world.


The woman who left the front desk prior to the attack immediately called the police and moments after the attack, police can be seen entering the building, firing one shot through the office glass door before apprehending Thomas as he stands with the weapon in his hand.

“The female caller stated that an elderly male, later identified as Robert Thomas, was armed with a firearm inside the management office and was making verbal threats”, says a Las Vegas police spokesperson.

Assistant Sheriff, Brett Zimmerman told NBC News: “They heard the shot and the key was the officer told his partner they had to make entry due to the possibility of any more people being injured or killed while inside that apartment complex office, not knowing what they had”.

Thomas was arrested on charges of kidnapping, discharge of a firearm indoors, burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, and suspicion of attempted murder.


During a court appearance on the 3rd January, Thomas said he did not mean to hurt the man he shot, but he wanted to “screw him over a little”.

Not sure how you can shoot someone twice and not intend to hurt them though…

The victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries and has since been released from hospital.

Thomas’ bond was set at $25,000.


Just goes to show that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Don’t f*ck with old people.