Shocking Footage Shows Machete-Wielding Gangs Trade Blows In Mass Brawl

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Published 13.09.19

As someone in lives in London, and specifically South London, this kind of footage absolutely terrifies me.

You always hear in the news about London being part of ‘Lawless Britain’, with increasing knife crime being a constant worry for the people who inhabit the city, and videos like this prove what a dangerous and violent place it can be at times.

The video in question shows a mass brawl near West Croydon station where a dozen armed men clashed with machetes and metal poles in broad daylight.

Where was the machete gang fight?

The video, filmed on London Road on Snapchat, shows baseball bats and what appear to be knives, machetes and even swords being used in the frankly worrying fight.

I mean that is frightening. As a young professional working in the city you’re often completely oblivious to this sort of stuff but it’s like a war-zone in some places.

As you can see, horrified crowds gathered around as metal can be heard clinking together amid shouts in a foreign language and the sound of smashing glass.

What happened during the fight?

One man, recording two young men swinging metal poles around each other’s heads can be heard saying: “What the f*** happened to Croydon?“. One of the men then appears to retreat before being chased not just by his opponent but the other men gathered around them on the pavement.

Another angle shows that multiple separate fights appear to be taking place with men being thrown around the pavement and into shop windows and shutters.

What did police say?

The incident happened on September 3rd, Met Police confirmed, and it’s not yet known if any injuries were recorded from the fight.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “Police were called to London Road, Croydon, shortly after 7.02pm on Tuesday, September 3 to reports of 20 men fighting with weapons.

“Officers attended. The group had left the scene. One knife was recovered.

“There were no reported injuries.

“Enquiries continue.”

fight machete london

This comes after another fight recently went viral – although it’s a lot less violent and a lot more humorous.

Taking place outside a McDonald’s in Liverpool – because where else? – a very angry man can be seen shouting at people while moving with the swagger of someone who thinks they can fight, before the other man inexplicably throws a dead pigeon at his foe.

It’s on of those you need to see it to believe it type of deals because really, I never thought I’d like to see a man chuck a pigeon.

Dead pigeons being used as grenades, people battering each other with poles.

Maybe it really is Lawless London. I need to move back to the countryside, where the only threat to my existence in boredom.

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