Shocking Footage Shows McDonald’s Workers Beat Man Who Jumped Over The Counter For Food

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Published 21.11.19

Savage fight breaks out in McDonald’s as two workers beat a man who jumped the counter

Fair play to the people who work at Maccies.

I couldn’t do it, and they no doubt have way more patience than me when it comes to dealing with the public.


Although that can’t be said for every Maccies worker.

Shocking footage recently uploaded online shows two McDonald’s workers kick and punch a customer who reportedly went behind a counter to get food – and it’s brutal.

It is not known where or when the incident happened, but the video shows the first employee repeatedly punch a male customer after he came into the food service area.


The worker is then seen dragging the man around the food service area as another employee tries to break the fight up.

However when the customer swings at the worker again, the two male employees hit him back as other patrons watch in horror.

One customer recorded the incident and audible gasps can be heard in the background as they continue to brawl for several moments.

Check it out here:


The pair can be seen kicking him as he lies on the ground and appears unable to defend himself.

The man is then seen holding his hands up as he gets off the ground and the first worker punches him again.


The man then leaves the area as other McDonald’s workers carry the brawling employee out of the restaurant.

This comes after a worker through a blender at a disgruntled customer.

Britany Price went up to complain after she ordered Happy Meals for her children and was given the wrong order.

After being allegedly left unattended for 23 minutes, Price went ape shit and started throwing food at the manager of the franchise.


This caused the manager to snap and throw a blender in Price’s face, hitting her so hard that she fell backwards onto the floor and apparently messing her face up so much that she required surgery.

Check it out:

McDonald’s is a dangerous place.

And that’s just the meat.