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Show Off The Summer Body You Don’t Have With These Fake See-Through T-Shirts


Before we get started, I’d like to get this point out of the way; if you’re happy with your body, regardless of whether or not it confirms to the stereotypical idea of “summer ready”, then that’s great.

However, a lot of people aren’t, and try though they may, instagram model bodies remain perpetually out of reach, like the proverbial carrot hanging in front of the donkey’s face.

I myself struggle to look the way I’d like. No matter what I ate or how much I worked out, I was constantly whippet-thin, and now I’ve broken my arm, I definitely can’t do anything to get slightly bigger. I’m going to get smaller if anything.

So I need something to hide that. I could be one of those people who wear baggy clothes, but summer’s on the way and while that’s nothing more than an expression in England, rather than something with any real meaning, it might be a little bit warm sometimes.

That's where these quasi-transparent T-shirts come into play, making it look like you've got your plain white T-shirt wet and it now clinging to either your washboard abs or your voluptuous bust... or both.

They're pretty subtle, and you sort of have to strain your eyes to see the effect. Once you do, though, they're hilariously effective...


Each shirt costs ¥3,888 in Japan, where they come from, and even though I doubt the price here is purely dependant on the exchange rate, that’s a cool £28.16.

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